Billionaire, my love

Outing with secretory

"Here we go". Faxian shouted while driving across flyover. 

Secretory who was scared, hold his seat tightly scremming" Boss please slow down."

Dude don't you feel fun  in driving like crazy.  faxian shouted with laugher.

secretory with horreble face. "obviously no".

"Boss, your sister would be really worried about you if you continue driinge like this."

The phone rings at same time. "Oh it's elder sister. Hoon you are too amazing, hahaha". said Faxian and received the call

"Finally we reached" Secratory in relief voice. Faxian still laughing at him. Faxian who usually don't go for outing when grew up start holding his father's bussiness. Having such a friendly secretory he feels not to worried about things. Arrangement of everythings from wedding ceremoney to important ceremony. Faxian was a type of lazy but was happy to have Hoon as his secretory.

"Seoul town is really awssm as I saw in movies". 

"Yes, boss. Now it's time for your lunch. Let's fine a restaurant".

As both entered a sweet girl asked him "welcome sir. How can I help you?


Zheng faxing

Edited: 26.10.2020

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