Billionaire's Innocent Temptress

Chapter One


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“Pamela darling, mummy, and I have an important announcement” Mr. Christopher Darrel inform his young and only daughter.

Pam sits straight in her seat, darting an anxious gaze between her parents. What is it now? She muses. The last time the duo had an important announcement was when they told her of the passing of her beloved grandmother.

Nana was a special person in Pam’s life. She still misses her grandmother a lot. Being the only grandchild of Nana’s, she was the apple of her eyes, and she had stuffed her with as much love and attention as she could. And now, she misses her and all her wise sayings, she was indeed a sagacious woman who had smart answers to every question she asked.

“Pam, what do you feel about that?” Her Mum asks with the fork full of veggie salad, halfway to her mouth…….. Interrupting Pam’s brooding.

“Mum sorry I missed the big announcement,” Pam responds sheepishly

“And here I thought you will be elated by the news,” her mum smiles, looking at her daughter straight in the eyes to gauge her expression and hoping their news will restore her daughter’s bubbly demeanor, which seems to have been lost since Nana’s passing.

“Mum is just trying to say that, a distant relative is coming to stay with us, both her parents were involved in an accident and we are the only family she has got” Mr. Darrel explains to his daughter, taking a sip from his glass, with his eyes level on Pam.

“That’s so sad! I’m so sorry for the poor girl, I can’t imagine losing both of your parents in one day, I mean I’m still kind of mourning my Nana even after all this time.” Feeling empathy for the girl she is yet to meet.

Mr. & Mrs. Darrel exchange looks of mutual understanding, glad at the compassion expressed by their daughter and of her acceptance of the coming change. They know that the news will not faze their daughter, that’s how sweet Pam is, no selfish bone in her.

“But Dad can you tell me more about this relative of mine?”  Pam asks, giving little attention to the food on her plate.

“Well, her Mum was my cousin….… and she is a few years older meaning you guys have to be good sisters to each other. I remember her to be a smart and cute little girl, just like you, and I trust you will be nice to her Pam…..”

“Dad… in case you have not noticed I am not so little anymore.” She says, her mood perking up at the news of a Sister, that’s all she has ever dreamed of, a sister to share her feelings with.

“But you will always be our little girl.” Smiling, Mrs. Darrel responds to the banter between father and child. Both of Pam’s parents take immense pleasure in teasing their 17-year-old daughter since she goes out of her way to assert how much she has grown.

“Please! Mum, not you too, woes of being a one and only child.” She mutters under her breath standing, pushing back her seat, and throwing her hands up in feigned mortification, before picking up her plates to walk out of the dining area.

“Did you say something?” Her Dad asks amusingly, causing both parents to burst into laughter at the expense of their daughter.

“Come on Dad!!!  Please can you just stop now?” She hollers from the kitchen smiling.

Pam is fortunate to have her parents, she didn’t know what she will do without them, which is why she is sorry for the girl, she promises to make her feel so much at home, that she will have little time to miss her parents, plus it will be fun to have a sister she can roll out with, she hopes that the girl is as cute and nice just as her Dad recounts……………

Olumisin Tolulope Tinuoye

Edited: 22.12.2020

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