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Billy just arrived to China because his parents had an accident in which they lost their lives, Billy was the only child of his parents and second generation heir to Tiaz groups, he came back to China immediately he received the news of his parents. Ever since he was five his grandfather want him to stay in Abroad so that he could come back to China after his education and take over the company but things did not go that way, when he was in his final year in high school he had to come back to China because of the death of his parents, he will have to take care of the company and his grandfather the chairman of Tiaz groups. Young master a man in Black approach him at the arrivals in the airport and collect his bag, Ray  was one of the most trusted men  in Tiaz groups, a black BMW car was parked in front of Billy, Ray open the car door for him, he enter and the car went off.
Billy get to Tiau family house and saw his grandfather and Anuties with his cousins, everyone was wearing a gloomy face, Tiau San come to grandfather his grandfather called him immediately he saw that he as arrived, am sorry grandson I could not protect your father and mother, the old man wiped, is not your fault grandfather, he said and look at his grandfather helplessly. One of Billy's aunt said in a low voice but enough for everyone to hear, poor boy, he did not even enjoy the company of his parents, Tiau Zi if you don't know what to say just keep your mouth shut, the old man shouted at her with anger, father I was only pitying the poor boy since his still young and only get to see his parents every new year, Tiau Zi said mockingly, if you don't know what to say just go back to your husband's house the old man roared at her, she was scared and could not say anything again.
Grandfather, I will like to see Mom and Dad Billy suddenly said looking determined, will you be okay seeing them, grandfather look at Billy pitifully, yes grandfather Billy respond with a straight face, if that is what you want, grandfather said and beckon to Ray to take Billy to see the corpse of his parents. When Billy saw his parents corpse he was very sad, he remember telling them that they will all go for Vacation this coming year, he wiped. Young master are you alright? Ray ask with concern, Billy quickly clean his face and pretend to be strong because he has been taught not to show his weakness to people ever since he was young, after looking at the corpses of his parents for some minutes he went back to Tiau family house since tomorrow is his parents burial.
The next day, Billy's parents were buried, the public were not involved because of Billy, it was only the Tiau family and close family friends that were present in the burial, the burial was done quickly and everyone return to their homes. That night grandfather called Billy for a talk, Tiau San I know your parents are no more and you have to grief them but you know that the company also needs you, since your parents died the company has been affected alot and am too old to handle some things in the company now, so I need you to take over the company, I can not let any of your Aunties or cousins take over the company, grandfather said and look at Billy expectedly, I know grandfather but I will need some time and also I cannot just leave school. Why can't you leave school? You have the company grandfather ask him anxiously, grandfather I will only agree to take over the company if you let me continue schooling, he said looking down arrogantly, grandfather kept quite for a long time as if considering something, okay I will, you can continue schooling but you must not let your school affect the company in any way grandfather warned, it will not Billy replied, and I give you only one week to get yourself together grandfather said patting  Billy on the shoulder and leave him speechless. After one week, Billy took over the company, he was so smart, he has been learning about business since he was very young, books on business were brought to him every year like gifts, so he has understanding about business. At first the shareholders were afraid and did not really support him becoming the CEO  of Tiaz groups at age eighteen, but in one month everyone of them including his aunties that are waiting for him to fail so that they could have chance were dumbfounded by his success within that one month. His grandfather was really happy and proud of him after he won a billion dollar contract for the company, because of this, his grandfather held a cocktail party for the success of the contract and also show him to some people in the business world and boost  of him. Tiau San i know you will never let me down, you are indeed my grandson the old man laugh heartily and hugged Billy in front of everyone he introduced him to rich and influencer people in the business world that he invited, Billy also became very popular, he was on the news paper and social medias:  The youngest CEO.
 When school resumes, he transfered to Jengwa  high school to continue his schooling, he did not want to go to his grandfather's school Tiaz groups high school to avoid been public, though he was popular as the youngest CEO but no one knew him in particular except those in the business world, he did not want so much attention on himself when attending school so he decided  to join Jengwa high school, his grandfather did not agree with him at first but he later see reasons with him and allowed him to go to Jengwa high school. He register with the name he used abroad Tiau Billy, his first day at school the teacher ask him to introduce himself to the class, my name is Tiau Billy I just transfer here from abroad please take care of me he said with a smile and some of the girls in the class shouted because he was so handsome, then the teacher ask him to sit beside a girl, the name of the girl is Xiao Xie. She was always quiet in the class and she never likes to talk to anyone, Billy sit beside Xiao Xie and greeted her but she ignore him as if he was not visible, he scratch his head out of habit because he has never be ignored all his life but he kept quite and face his business. At lunch he noticed that Xiao Xie don't leave the class even when everyone went for lunch but he never ask because he did not want to be ignored again, he looked at her with concern when he came back from lunch, he saw various gifts on his table that were drop by some girls, he packed them and throw them into the trash.
 After school that day, he went with Ray in a car, on the way he saw Xiao Xie through the car window walking home with a sad face , he wonder what could have happen to her, but since it was  none of his business he was less concern. After school he head to the company and change his clothes to business attire and start his work as the CEO, after the day's work he was taking back home by Ray. Tiau San how was school and work today, his grandfather could not wait for him to return before asking him, grandfather it was okay, he said with a tired face,  are you sure you can cope with school and work together his grandfather ask worriedly again,  yes grandfather I will get use to it he responded and head upstairs to his room to get change, change quickly and come for dinner his grandfather shouted after him, alright grandfather he said and enter his room. That night after he had his bath he lay on the bed to sleep but the image of Xiao Xie sad face appear before him and he wondered what could have happened to the girl that makes her so sad, he don't know why he was attracted to the girl, he sigh and cover himself with the duvet.
The next day in Jengwa high school, Billy saw Xiao Xie looking so dull, somehow Billy was worried about her, so he ask her, Xiao Xie are you okay? You look so dull but Xiao Xie did not answer him. Later that day as Billy was coming back from the company in the night he saw Xiao Xie again, what a coincidence he taught but when the car get closer to her he saw that two guys are trying to harrass her on the road, he immediately stop the car and wanted to rush down but he remember he was not Tiau Billy now but Tiau San so he pause and look at what is going to happen, Xiao Xie wanted to ignore the guys but they kept harrasing her,  she kept quite but they will not stop Xiao Xie thought about what to do, suddenly start looking around as if she was searching for something then she found a stick in one dark corner and use the stick to hit one of the guy's head from the back unknown to the guy then she quickly run away as fast as possible the guy fell down holding his head, the other guy wanted to run after her but he could not leave his friend, so he help his friend,  they both curse at Xiao Xie. Looking at the sence before him Billy smiled, he never taught that the quiet Xiao Xie will be like this outside, he ask the driver to drive and they went off. That night he found himself thinking about Xiao Xie again and smile, he really want to know about this girl, one time she is quiet, another time she is arrogant and another time she is brave this makes him laugh,  but how will he get close to her since she never talk to anyone then a taught came to mind, he smiled and slept.The next morning as Billy was going to school in the car, he ask Ray to look into Xiao Xie, help me get information about the girl Xiao Xie from Jengwa high school, everything that as to do with her, her family, everything, he said looking at his schedule for work after school on the tablet he was holding, okay young master Ray answer, he did not dare to reject and do not tell grandfather about it, let it be available when I get to the office today he commanded, Okay young master. When Billy get to school that day, he was looking at Xiao Xie and smiling maliciously, Xiao Xie noticed that he has been looking at her for a long time and she feel inconvenient about it, but she continue ignoring  him. When Billy get to the office Xiao Xie information was already on his table, he open the information. Xiao Xie was the first born of her parents and she has a younger brother with the name Xiao Xin who was diagnosed with heart disease and was still in the elementary, Xiao Xie and her family just moved to Beljing a year ago, her father owns a small company in Shanghai before but they went bankrupt suddenly, so they decided to come to Beljing, her father now work as a laborer under one building company and her mother sells chicken which is what are family live on, the chicken business was not doing good because of her brother's medical expenses, they were once okay financially but they are not doing well now because his brother could gets attack any moment, Xiao Xie is seventeen years, Billy was a year older than her. Billy looked at Xiao Xie's information, he sigh and his worries increased more for Xiao Xie, he decided to get closer to her and share her worries. Why am I like this because of a girl he thought to himself but everything looks fun to him. Young master you will be having dinner with the CEO of GB tonight Ray suddenly hijack his thought, he said I know, what time is it? And do you get what I ask you to get for me?  Billy said staring at Ray, yes young master, Billy smirk and his eyes shone, lets meet the old man tonight.
    Because of work Billy could not go to school for the rest of that week, but the next week he was in school, he sight Xiao Xie standing and looking outside through the window, looking at her, it seems it has been up to a month since Billy saw her, so he moved to where she was standing and look at what she was looking at, Xiao Xie did not seems to care but Billy suddenly whisper into her ear did you miss me? And smile, his smiles were captivating, Xiao Xie blink her eyes looking surprised but she stay quiet, she continue to  focus on what she was looking at, but Billy draw his face towards her face, their  face almost touching each other and he said I miss you, he waited for her reaction, Xiao Xie feeling his heat on her face and quickly step back, she then went back to her sit, Billy also follow her and sat down beside her, he was staring at her intensely. Xiao Xie could feel his stares on her so she look at him and said with a straight face please stop staring at me, Billy smile widely and said I don't know you could talk, you are such an interesting girl, Xiao Xie ignore him again and bring out her textbook to read but Billy ask her again putting his head on her table, I am not really good in Chinese can you teach me? Xiao Xie sigh deeply and look at Billy threateningly what to do want from me? Billy look at her with interest and smile seducingly you just caught my interest. Xiao Xie was surprised with his response, she was about to lash at him when the teacher came in. Hello everyone we will be having our group project, each groups will be working together, so I will call your names now, the teacher call the names, Billy and Xiao Xie were in the same group. After the teacher left Billy draw near to Xiao Xie and said we are in the same group now so we will have to see each other often, Xiao Xie did not respond to him and just shake her then went out, Billy look her going out, he find the girl more interesting now Billy decided to teaser since she never wanted to talk to him, he wanted to teaser her until she agree to talk to him. Some of the girls in the class who wants to be friends with Billy noticed that Billy now talk to Xiao Xie and his getting closer to her,  they were jealous because even though they want to talk to Billy and get closer to him, he did not show interest in them, seeing Xiao Xie going out they  follow her out to bully her, as she was coming back from the bathroom one of the girls put her leg on the way and Xiao Xie tripped on it, can't you see the girl said, Xiao Xie ignore her and try to stand up but the other girl use her knee to push her down again,  her hand was bruised, she wanted to ignored them before but the girls were just too much as she want to fight them back, someone suddenly ask what are you girls doing? Everyone of them look up and saw Billy coming towards them, the girls were shocked and they quickly stand in a place, Billy look at them annoyingly and they look very scared and  quickly run to the class. Billy stretch his hand towards Xiao Xie to help her up, she stare at him with anger and roared at him, I do not need your help then she stand up and went back to the class. Billy felt that this girl was sometimes annoying, did she just transfer the aggression on him he thought, since she wants to continue to ignore him then he will not give up until she become friends with him, he look determined then smiled. He don't know why but he wants to get closer to her everytime she ignores him. At night in Xiao Xie's house, the family of four gathered together for dinner, most time they eat chicken for dinner and tonight they are also having chicken, why can't we eat something else? Am tired of eating chicken almost everytime Xiao Xie said with an unhappy face and her mouth pouted, don't worry we will cook something different tomorrow Xiao Xie's father replied his daughter, that is how you always say Xiao Xin said with his mouth full, because he was eating and talking, he choked and coughed, drink water his mother quickly bring water to his mouth but he keep coughing and he had an attack, the family quickly rush him to the hospital and they were there until morning, the family were not really surprised about the attack of Xiao Xin because it happens like that most times, this time he was not in danger but he was admitted to rest for some days. The doctor already told them to pay for surgery so that they can operate on him before, but they did not have the money yet since they are not financially bouyant and because of that Xiao Xin keep having attacks, so whenever he has an attack they will rush him to the hospital, Xiao Xie quickly rush back home to prepare for school the next morning but she was late and she was punished. When she gets to class, after the teacher left Billy suddenly draw his chair closer to her as if he wanted to gossip and he said, you are very late today, hope nothing? She look at him and did not answer but he continue, how is your brother? Billy already ask Ray to monitor every of Xiao Xie's family activities everyday because he wants to know everything that is happening with them. Ray suddenly call him yesternight that Xiao Xie's brother was rush to the hospital that was how he knew about her brother, Xiao Xie was surprised hearing him ask about her  brother, she look at him with shock, Billy searching her eyes and said did you want to tell me about it, Xiao Xie was angry, I don't have anything to tell you about my family,  I don't mean any harm, am just worried about you, Xiao Xie look at him once again as if she was looking at an idot with astonishment and she ask herself, why will he be worried about me? He just want to mock me she thought to herself  and reply  him you don't have to worry about me or my family, she said and look away, Billy sigh and said calmly I don't think you can escape from me.

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