Black Rose

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I sat there staring with disbelieving eyes at the fallen bodies of my parents.

Blood pooled around me like a lake and all that I could feel were the tears streaming down my bloody face.

I heard rattling and crunching of leaves behind me but I was too shocked and scared to move when suddenly, I heard a loud gasp followed by multiple others.

"What have you done?" Someone whispered in disbelieve.

I was confused about who she was asking but my face wouldn't contort to that of confusion. It was expressionless at the moment.

"You murderer!" Someone yelled before I felt a force push me to the side. However, I was still unable to move a muscle to protect myself from contacting with the ground.

I watched as people gathered around my parents' bodies, sobbing and wailing. Some of them even howled sadly into the night sky.

It was understandable, their reactions that is. Their alpha and luna were dead. My parents were dead.

"You bitch." I felt a hand connect with my cheek. I looked up to find it was none other than Uncle Adam, my father's best friend and beta.

"I knew you would do something like that one day, I knew it!" He yelled and again, I was too confused and shocked to utter a word.

"What have they ever done to you?" A voice, I recognised as Valerie, my best friend whispered with a sob.

What the hell were they saying? Can't they see what really happened?

I looked at Valerie with teary eyes.

"I didn't do anything." I said, my voice cracking at the end.

"Don't lie!" Uncle Adam yelled as he backhanded me. The impact knocked be back to reality, not completely but enough to be aware of what they're accusing me of.

"I didn't do anything." I repeated weakly. "I didn't kill them."

Why would I kill my parents? Why would anyone do that?

"Shut up." He yelled angrily. "Take her to the cells until I decide what to do with her." He ordered. 

I looked at him in disbelief. The cells?

"Why would you take me to the cells? I didn't do anything!" I yelled as two well built pack members took hold of my arms and brought me to my feet roughly.

Uncle Adam didn't bat an eyelash as I continued my screaming and yelling for them to let me go. I called for Valerie but she too, ignored my pleas.

My eyes searched for Hugh, my other best friend but he wasn't there. However, that didn't stop my loud please from filling the night air.

But no one listened. No one cared. They didn't notice how broken I was, how bad I needed a shoulder to cry on and someone to save me from my fears, from the nightmare.

I was shunned and became the least favorite pack member, no, I wasn't even worth that ranking. 

That was the night I lost my parents, my family and friends. That was the night that a new April was born. An April that will avenge her parents' death no matter what and how long it takes.

And that was the night that April met Rose.


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Story about: mates, werewolves, love

Edited: 23.09.2020

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