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The choices we make, are based on fear. 


Beyond the thick red bricked wall, there lived a girl and a boy on opposite sides of the field who didn't know who they were. It's safe to say that they were teenagers, of course, they had no clue who they were.

The girl laid on her cushion bed paying no mind to the other pampered girls jumping with excitement. Her brown eyes seemed to do nothing else but scan the crack lines on the ceiling, exploring her inter-mind.

She was lost.

A smile began to creep on the corner of her face until one of the girls, her roommate, walked over and hovered over her head. It's moments like this that she realizes how much she hates boarding school, people are always in someone else's business.

In less than half an hour, the girls would sneak out of their heavily monitored rooms, into a secret place called the Quarter. It was discovered, at least 5 years before they came in, and was the only place other than the school building and outside the fences that real fun could happen. And that night was the first basketball game of the season.

Girls vs. Boys, and it just so happened that Stuart, the best player on the boy's team was in a cast.

And as Cassy began to get up, she heard a knock.

It was Amelia, her best friend.

"Do my eyes deceive me?" she joked. "Is Cassandra Dean coming to play the big game knowing well enough she has a huge exam on Monday morning?"

Cassy slides off her bed, grabbing her duffelbag. She pulled Amelia's arm as she closed the door behind them silently. "Come on."

The building was silent. If a pin was dropped the headmaster would spring from her bed and find them. And so they tiptoes, running through the halls until they reached the nearest exit. All while holding in their laughter as the excitement of breaking the rules thrilled them. Thrilled them all.

They walked down the wet grasses in their polished black shoes, and knee-high white socks towards the staircase down the tree between their two buildings.

That's where the Quarter was. It took a while almost 3 years to finish the elaborate staircase down the tree that everyone now took. Before that, it was a locked door in the basement of the boy’s resident hall.

With every step taken, the voices became louder and louder, until they were recognizable. The bags were dropped and their shoes changed. Their uniformed skirts pulled down to show their loose shorts.

Amelia looked around the court directly at the boy's side for a particular person who popped out of the blue right beside her.

"Hello dear. Did you miss me?" he whispered into her ear.

She jumped holding her chest. Amelia raised her hand to punch him in the shoulder only to see a cast around his perfect right arm. "What happened to you?" She asked.

Stuart shrugged playing it off, "nothing really. Had a pretty decent summer. "

"Alright," she rolled her eyes turning to find someone else. The person she should had been looking for the first time.

"So are you ready to lose?" Stuart asked.

Amelia sighed, "I don't believe in failure."

"Then all those lose must be imaginary too."

"Oh, it must suck to be you," Amelia chuckled. The fact that Stuart's playing arm was in a cast made their win even easier.

He tried to pull his arm up, "You've got to be kidding me. I could take you with one arm."

"That wouldn't be wise," Amelia said.

Cassy agreed.

"Yeah maybe you're both right, plus I don't want to embarrass you after all," he said referring to Amelia.

Now he was just being cocky, but it worked.

Amelia having a competitive soul just like Stuart already knew if she said what she was thinking he might actually find a way to prove her wrong, but the feeling was strong. She had to see him at his most broken to see if it was true, and a part of her knew it was before it came out.

"Shame me, I like to see you try." she stomped of directly after putting her reputation on the line. He was the only one beside Cassy who could boil her blood.

Once the game began, the starting 5 which included Cassy and Amelia took the given positions on the court. They waited patiently for the boys to do their little dance and clap ritual that they did before every game and ran to their positions.

The players already in position sighed, wanting it to start already. As much as the boys didn't pay as much attention to school except for a few, the test tomorrow wasn't something to play with. And for the ones starting, the seniors, it was one of the biggest tests of the beginning of the quarter. A passing grade was the only way to relax a bit for the rest of the semester.

As the first quarter started, the boys were in the lead with a few points, but as soon as the second half began, the girls took the lead.  Half time was just that, refers, see who can still play, and more strategy to either stay on the top or get there.

The game resumed, and the players entered the court, and this included their wild card.

Stuart of all people knowing how injured he was, entered the court as well. He strut on, smiling his cheeky smile and heading straight to Amelia who was not happy at all.

His pride was showing, and it really initiates the idea that she shouldn’t like him at all.

The game started rolling and the players looked around, calling for the ball. Amelia had it dripping down the court to shoot it in the basket. It was a steal.

Stuart raced down, jogging in front of her. She stood there as everyone waited for either one of them to make a move.

Instead, they just talked.

Cassy called after her. She turned while her face dropped to the ball. Amelia was about to past the ball, but he raised his broken arm blocker her. It made her stop and think about what she was seeing.

Stuart was literally right in front of her trying to get the ball. At this point she let him have it to help what seemed to be his fragile ego. All the girls on the court sighed. Yes she gave it to him, yes he wasn't good, but it was just a waste of a play. It was the first game, after all, they had to make it count.

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