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Chapter 1



Lagos, Nigeria.

I walked through the busy express way trying to get a BRT-the famous commercial bus in Lagos-just in order to get to work on time because I woke up quite late this morning.
Heaving a deep sigh, I just realized that lagos is actually the busiest place in Nigeria. 
My name is Isi, a Nigerian and an indigene of Edo state which is known—I won't brag—for its rare individual beauty. I just graduated from one of the prestigious universities in the country and was selected by three different companies even before graduation (yes, I am good at what I do especially academically).

The last child and only daughter of my parents, I grew up to be pampered but disciplined because my parents always believed in the wise saying "spare the rod, spoil the child". I was given whatever I wanted but was taught to never waste anything.

Alighting the bus, I came across beggars on the pedestrian side of the road and decided to do my daily routine of giving them some wad of cash that would provide their daily bread. I do this a lot and have clearly won the hearts of the beggars because most of them know my name and they chant it everytime I walk by.

"Isi, Ekaro!" Abiodun, the infamous Yoruba street boy known for stealing and causing chaos wherever he went,greeted me. Ekaro is a native word used by the yorubas which means good morning. Abiodun and I have been close friends ever since he helped me collect my Hermes bag stolen on my way to work by a street thief. I gave him some money but he politely declined saying he only did what anyone in the right position would do. I was struck by his good behavior and decided never to judge a book by its cover. 

I quickly waved as a sign of greeting to him because I was in a hurry.

I studied linguistics at the university(French and Portuguese to be precise and later Spanish through my Masters degree.) and could speak the languages fluently. Getting a first class degree wasn't a piece of cake but I got it as a result of God's grace and hardwork. I also had my masters degree in one of the top universities in Puerto Rico, this was made possible as a result of the scholarship given to me by my university for my excellent performance. Now I currently work in a company that deals in foreign works and accomplishments. 

My boss, Senhor João, a Brazilian who migrated to Nigeria thirty years ago and now owns one of the largest international companies spreading across over forty countries worldwide, is one of the most humble and easy going employers one could ask for. He always made sure the office staff members were happy to work for him and made sure we were paid on time. 
I got a cab and went straight to my office which is a sixty storey building, with my hands clasped together, I made a short prayer to God for my day to turn out fantastic. After a brief ride in the elevator, I got into my office hallway looking at the sad faces of everyone. 

"Did someone die,is everything alright?" I asked, but no one seemed willing to tell me. I was a little nervous about the way my fellow colleagues kept glancing at me and shaking their heads before crying again. Something seemed fishy and I had an inkling that whatever it is, wasn't good news. I was about to voice out my thoughts when the door to my boss' office opened.

"Isi, please come to my office right now". That was all he said before returning and slamming the door. I gasped in shock and jerked up to my feet, hobbling to his office.

"Sir, is everything alright?" I asked immediately after I got seated.

"I will be very brief with you Isi and hit the nail on the head" he sighed before speaking again. 
"Based on your hardwork and ability to restore this company back with your grand ideas and theories, I've decided to transfer you to Brazil to help facilitate the growth of the company over there because I trust you to make sure the company falls back into business." 

I became speechless with my mouth agape. I just inwardly wished that God has a plan and purpose for this impromptu job assignment.

Osaro Oghadeva

Edited: 17.09.2019

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