Colourland Series 2: King Bobby's Justice


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Chapter 7
King Bobby's Justice

King Bobby was talking with the other remaining advisors again.

" Now as you may know, Colour King was the previous leader of Colourland " said King Bobby.
" I do remember him " said Lord Grackle.
" He was a powerful leader " said Queen Starling.
" We have sent people to Colourland to search for him there " said King Bobby.
" We need to know the condition that he is in because we need him alive " said Curtis.
" We also have warriors at Grackle's place " said Blackburnian. " We will conduct searches through their place for anything that could have made them not want to fight "
" If there is anyone who opposes Crayon fighting, they must be arrested " said Curtis. 
" Our warriors are ready for anyone, if they do not come willingly " said Diana.
" They are great, I am always proud of them " said King Bobby.

Blackburnian and several warriors went to Grackle and Dove's place.

" Seems pretty normal to me but we cannot be so sure " said Blackburnian.

The warriors were able to knock down an opening and one of them let the others in.

" So what do we have here " said a warrior.
" We appear to see a pretty normal house " said Blackburnian. " Should we contact Challenger "
" King Bobby has his number and has given it to the advisors "
" Might as well " said a warrior.

Challenger got up and he recieved a call from a number.

" Wonder who this is ? " thought Challenger.
" Challenger, we should talk " said Blackburnian.
" What is going on ? " asked Challenger.
" Well, the thing is that I am at Grackle and Dove's place " said Blackburnian. " We have been searching the place just to be sure "
" Sure of what ? " asked Challenger.
" Well we want to see if anything that prevented Crayon from fighting in the war is here " said Blackburnian. " Is anyone else here ? "
" Nobody at all " said Challenger. 
" King Bobby is very upset right now " said Blackburnian. " We will keep searching here "
" What do you expect to find ? " asked Challenger.
" Perhaps there are books or papers that are against the war " said Blackburnian. " If so, they must be removed "
" Books against the war ? " asked Challenger.
" We will search the books " said Blackburnian. " Anyways Challenger, hopefully the questioning will happen soon "

Blackburnian picked up a book but he did not find any books against the war.

" So should we take anything here ? " asked a warrior.
" There is nothing against the war here " said Blackburnian. " We must report to King Bobby right now "

Blackburnian and the warriors reported back to King Bobby and they were not able to find anything that was against the war.

" Well, that is disappointing " said King Bobby.
" It is " said Blackburnian.
" Hopefully our warriors can find Colour King " said Curtis.
" I talked to Challenger " said Blackburnian. " He claimed that nobody was with him "
" He probably lied " said Curtis. " He doesn't seem interested in the war "
" We have his number " said Lord Grackle. " King Bobby did give it to us "
" Do you have the number of the others ? " asked Diana.
" We only have Challenger and Warbler " said King Bobby. " We really should contact Warbler privately "
" Sounds like a plan " said Blackburnian.
" Maybe if he is alone, he will explain " said Curtis.

Time passed, Crayon and his friends checked out of the hospital and they just got out.

King Bobby called Warbler.

" Warbler, we need to talk right now " said King Bobby.
" What is going on, King Bobby " said Warbler.
" Warbler, I am concerned " said King Bobby. " You know how much Blackburnian wants you fighting with him "
" So for this questioning, where would you meet us ? " asked Warbler.
" We will bring to a special court " said King Bobby. " Warbler, I want to believe that you want war but these friends you have made do not want that "
" You know your brother and the rest of us want war and the news does "
" I am aware of all of this " said Warbler.
" Good " said King Bobby. " We are sending warriors to Bird Port "
" We know that you refused to fight our advisors so you might be innocent in this issue "
" But the thing is that the friends you chose to make put us in this position which is tough "
" Anyways, I have to go but we will see you soon "

Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke, Artby, Dove and Grackle went to get bread at the bakery.

" It is great to see bakers again, I will thank each baker like I usually do " said Artby.

Artby thanked every baker.

" Bakers make us better people " said Artby. " Bakeries have done wonders for us "

They got their bread and left. They were sent a message by Challenger and they headed there.

" Me and Warbler were staying here while you were in the hospital recovering " said Challenger. " Blackburnian contacted me "
" Why ? " asked Colouruke.
" He and warriors of Bird's Isle snuck into Grackle and Dove's place and they were looking for anything that could make us against the war " said Challenger.
" What the fuck " said Dove.
" Nothing inside that place will do that " said Grackle.
" King Bobby contacted me " said Warbler. " He says that there is this court "
" Court ? " asked Artby.
" For the questioning " said Warbler. " He says that Blackburnian wants me to fight in the war and he says that the rest of us do not want war "
" Well he is right about us not wanting it, but I think that King Bobby is planning something " said Colourea.
" He believes that Warbler wants to fight it seems but that his friends don't want him fighting " said Dove.
" But Warbler didn't side with Paula and Salvador " said Grackle.
" I think that Blackburnian will believe that no matter what " said Crayon.
" True " said Challenger.
" Let's go inside " said Artby.


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