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Author's Note

Well, here we are again. 

Back to a world full of light and darkness.

It’s funny. I wrote Fragmented with plans it would be a standalone. 

Then Shattered was born when the story of everyone’s futures unspooled in my head.

I was content keeping the Between Light and Darkness series as a duology, keeping with the theme of two. 

As above, so below, after all.

But a little girl from Shattered, who touched all the lives she met, grew up.

And she wanted me to tell her story.

I realized this when I took a midnight train from Philadelphia, and I began thinking of her city: bright, loud, bloody, and dangerous, but hers. 

Kara Gray was born from innocence, from my wish to make the terrible world that Nate, Serenity, Reid, Micah, and Erela were living in a little brighter.

She has grown into a woman who is no longer so innocent.

I hope you still see echoes of that little girl, and enjoy one last adventure with the characters you’ve come to love.

But before we begin, I would like to give a full list of trigger/content warnings. It is not guaranteed to be completely thorough, so it is entirely possible I may have missed one. If I have, please let me know.

This story has blood, gore, torture, death, violence, depiction of various mental illnesses, drugs, alcohol, mature themes, strong language, suicide, murder, religious topics, religious trauma, substance abuse, underage drinking, and homophobia. 

This book is geared toward the older members of the YA audience, perhaps even straying into NA territory, so 16+, please. This story is not meant for anyone under that age range and for the faint of heart.

With all of that out of the way, on with the story. ;)




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