Gonna love you anyway

Chapter 1

      In a great surprise I woke up in a big white polished room, what contains just white furniture. I was very surprised by that strange room ‘because I have never heard or have seen such kinda room. It was looking like someone has put into a white torture room, where is everything is white. And I was feeling like this white will eat me up. I started to feel very dizzy like I was asleep for a long time. As I stood up to understand what was happening, all of a sudden I hear a strange voice coming from behind, saying, “we were waiting for you so long, Ms. Riya. At last you came. Follow me, Ms. Riya.”

And as hear this I turned behind, and saw there was a woman wearing a white jumpsuit. I didn’t understood what was happening so I decided to fellow her maybe I find something.

As we came out of the room, she stopped and turned behind at me. “You’ll find leads on the way.” Saying she indicated towards the hallway, what has a glowing door at the end.

As I went through that glowing door, it closed immediately. And again a similar door appeared in front of me, in a distance. Except that glowing door there was nothing, completely empty and dark. So I step towards the door. Like that after passing through four doors I reached in a panoramic viewed room. It was a dark medium sized room with a spotlight on person, turning behind while sitting on a chair across the room. As I stepped towards him. He said in a deep, cold voice, “I knew you’ll come for me, searching for me, again.”

   “I have no idea about anything you are saying.”

“I know you don’t have any idea who we are, who you are. And it’s not your fault. It is their entire plan to make you forgot who you are, who you truly are.”

“First of all who are they? And second and most important question of all time what is going on here?”

‘I know you have many quotations but believe me you’ll find all answers as you’ll drink this potion.” saying he gave me glass full some kinda red potion.

“But don’t everyone have a long conversation in this situation? “

“We would have but we don’t have much time. They have found our location. And we need your help to survive. Hurry drinks it.”

“No I won’t! Don’t your parents teach you not to eat anything from a stranger?”

“So I’m a stranger... a stranger for you now.”

“Kind of, as far I remember.”

“What have they done to you…? Riya … but not anymore, drink that potion and we’ll be together again. Please Riya drink it, I beg you, please.”

“What is this all potion thing? Why are you trying so hard to make me drink it?”

At that time a red siren blows out. And he got really panicked.

“ no more quotation just drink that damn potion!!!” he shouted at me so was just about to drink that out of fear at that time a bullet came across and blew the glass of potion away from me. And it direct fall on the face of that unknown man.

I was just getting over the shock of the bullet at that time a manly hand touches my arms and it started to pull me towards the door. As we pass the front door, the guy shouted “guards" from behind. And all of a sudden many black figures appeared behind us. Half of them went inside and half of them started to chase us.

And the man in front of me shouted,” run!!!”

Don’t knowing what to do, I followed him. At that time the black figures started to fire at us so we speed up and hide behind a wall.

I stood by the wall, and the guy stood before me while firing at them. But I was unable to see his face for the darkness. But I saw his hand and there was tattoo what remind me something but I was unable to figure out what it was. And I felt something. Yeah!! At the first sight of his hand, I feel something for a stranger, for the first time. 

  And while this fight we came very closer that I was able to feel his warm breathe and his that unforgettable perfume, it just mixed with my breathe. I wanted to stop myself but I was unable. And after few moments, I thing he also realized that how close he was with me and started get lost into mine and all of sudden it felt like the moment was stopped for us.

He was looking straight into my eyes and I was staring at his. At that time he came closer to me and moved his face near my left ear. Out of blushing my eyes got closed. At that time he whispered, “Riya you are dreaming….”

“What??!!! How??!!”As I finished a bullet came across passing me.

“believe me!" Saying he went far away from me and shoots some bullet at them.

As I looked at my hand, I got surprised because there were just four fingers on my right hand. What is the only prove of my daydreaming. Then I looked at him with a look of a great astonishment on my face.

Seeing me like this, he said, “Just breathe, and relax.” Saying he again shoot at them.

“STOP SHOOTING PEOPLE!!!” I screamed at him.

“It’s okay just close your eyes and repeat after me, it’s just a dream, I am dreaming. I’ve to wake up from this dream…” saying that he pulled me near him and right after a bullet went across that wall.

Out of fear I closed my eyes and started to say, “I am dreaming, I am dreaming, I am dreaming.” Constantly while crying very hard.


Edited: 04.05.2021

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