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Graduation Day with Poetry Flare

1. What We Have Planned

What We Have Planned
The Graduation With Poetry Flare Introduction

It is with hearty salutations and smiles you are welcomed to the Graduation With Poetry Flare.

This introduction may not be what you are accustomed to as part of a novel, or audio/hardcover/paperback format; and for good reasons, this __________ takes you on a journey in a non-customary way.

Let’s state the intriguing topics and aids for you to thoroughly enjoy the ________________ audiobook.

As highlighted in the title, you have these topics discussed in such an uplifting way, everytime you read this book, it may just feel like graduation day all over again. Here are the selections:

* Our Narrator and Reader Assistant
* Memorandums on feelings and life
* The structure and curriculum of school systems today

The listed topics and experience of the readers are expounded upon throughout the course of this book as each chapter in the table of contents come alive.

Example: Did you know _________ is a talented singer and musician. You may know the author_____ has fields of experience that contributes immensely to identifying the ups, the not so good days, and triumphs you have and still will embark on in this life.

The GWPF scope is not to critique the education system. No, it is to inform you of the experiences from the individual student’s perspective on the different levels of graduation completion, along with the exhilaration!  More or less, the completion of a worthwhile goal is reason to be proud of in an upbeat way; and yes, celebrated.

You, your family members, and friends will cherish this gifted memorabilia, along with your graduating year book for years to come!

It is my pleasure, along with _________, our assistant narrator to commend and wish you well the following: Happy Graduation on this day!

Quote: What do you know? There are many recreational aspects to the matters that stimulate our hearts and minds in this earthly plane. This has often been welcomed getaways to reading, to playing board games with family and friends, and yes; to Science with the flare of fiction. – Sage Poetic Notes


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Story about: poetry, humor, school and friendships

Edited: 08.07.2021

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