Half A Man


'Dr. Helen, we've got to go!'

'But- but my husband, he's still in there.'

'I know Doctor, but going back in there would be suicidal. Come on, we've got to leave with the other doctors now. This place is falling apart.'

' He's going to die in there!'

"Dr. Marcus is already dead. There's nothing you can do, let's go now!'

Dr. Helen Marcus took one last long look at the locked metallic door of the room where her husband was.

With watery eyes and a lump in her throat, she said,

'Please forgive me Marcus, I love you.'

Then, she fled with the other doctors. The underground laboratory collapsed, leaving a trail of dust behind.


* * *

The school bell rang.

School period was over in East hill high. Students trooped out of their respective classrooms, chit-chatting their way out of school.

East hill high was the only high school in East hill and was situated at the center of town, almost all the town’s high-school students attended it.

It was almost Summer-break and the school had just two more weeks left before the long vacation.

Pete Stilinski, a freshman nerd, was still stuck in class. Sweat dripped from his forehead as he hurled his books into his bag. He knew he had only a few seconds to flee the classroom before Kevin comes. As he adjusted his glasses, he glanced around, only a few of his classmates were still in the classroom, chatting. The classroom was getting scantier by the minute. He glanced at the wall clock.

Three-fifteen. Too late. Pete thought, Kevin and his minions would be here anytime soon.

Pete Stilinski was the 'brown-headed genius' of East hill high-or at least that was what his mother told him. He was a freshman and was one of the 'small fries' of East hill high. Pete had no much friends at school; No one wanted to be friends with the cynosure of bullies.

A few moments later, Pete was done parking, he wiped sweat from his forehead, sighed and stood up to go.

Just as he was about scanting away from the classroom, three sophomore boys walked it, they all wore sly looks and the one in the middle was gargantuan.

'Well what do we have here.' The enormous boy spoke.

Immediately Pete's classmates noticed Kevin Lanchester and his minions, they all packed their books and fled the class.


Kevin had been known right from East hill middle school as an imp. He derived fun from picking on his mates, but he wasn't born a bully. Back in elementary school, he was a chubby little red-haired boy, but he had always been made fun of by older kids. Words like: 'fatso', 'porky', 'fat stock', 'tea cup', taunted him deeply.

Somehow before High school, Mr. Lanchester, Kevin's father-who was one of the major patrons of East hill high, had sent him abroad for the long-term holiday. Kevin had returned looking less chubby but more muscular. His excess flesh had somehow developed into biceps. No one could explain what sorcery converted him from the 'red-haired-fatty' to 'Red-haired-prince-charming'.

He never told anyone that while he was away, he had taken several shots of anabolic steroid.

Since then, Kevin picked on the other kids. To him it was 'bully--or be bullied'.

The other two boys beside him were simply his loyal minions, they were more like students that looked up to him and tried to follow in his footsteps. They were not any bigger than Pete was but the fact that Kevin had the fervor to make Pete his play-thing, made them feel undaunted.

Pete swallowed. He had sincerely hoped he would be able to escape them today.

'H-Hi guys, I was uh-I was just about leaving. My mom's waiting for me in her car.' Pete said and tried to walk past them with forlorn hope.

'Sorry Stilinski but mummy has gotta wait.' Kevin said, blocking his path. The other boys followed.

Pete's knees wobbled.' Please Kevin, I've got to go home. You know our history excursion starts tomorrow and-'

They began closing in on him.

'I-I need to go get prepared and my mom, she's-'

They circled him.

'She's been complaining about my late-comings these past few days and-'

'Oh Pete, you talk a lot!' Kevin whined.

'Grab him!'

One of the boys seized Pete by his collar, his composure instantly became groggy.

'No-no. Please wait!'

In a second, they dragged him out the classroom and down the hallway, and in another second, they were out the classroom building and were heading towards the gym.

Pete turned pale. 'Come on guys, not the gym.'

Kevin gave him a lopsided smile. The last time Kevin took him to the gym, he drank a lot of 'toilet water'.

There was something Kevin secretly liked about Pete- He never reported him. Pete wasn't like the other kids; they wouldn't wait a second before they rushed off to the principal's office.

Even though Kevin was reported, Mr. Campton Greenwood, the principal, hardly ever called him in. In other to maintain a good relationship with Kevin's dad, Mr. Campton swept all the complaints under the rug. He knew Mr. Lanchester was a way too valuable asset of East hill high to lose. Mr. Campton couldn't waste the man's precious time calling him in to complain about his son’s behavior. The worst that could happen after that was: Kevin could stop schooling there- Worst even; his dad could withdraw all his investments made in the school.


When they got to the gym, they went straight into the restroom. It was spacious and it had two different bathrooms; one for male and the latter for female. The bathrooms had four toilet cubicles each.

One of Kevin's minions snatched Pete's bag and glasses and dumped them at a corner in the restroom, the other found the filthiest toilet and Kevin hauled Pete in it, forcing his head down the brown and slimy toilet hole.


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