His Ray Of Light


“My clumsiness is going to kill me someday!” I groaned while standing up from the bathroom floor
I take a quick shower again and carefully walked out. I dried my dark chocolate brown hair and made it curly
I picked out my clothes which includes; black jeans, black long-sleeved t-shirt, red suit, and my black sandal wedge heels 
I quickly got dressed, pick my keys and ran to my car
This was my life. Waking up in the morning, doing the necessary things and driving to my work place till heaven knows when
My parents died when I was fourteen trust me it was and is still hard for me not to think about them, I mean I've moved on with a bright smile on my face, but I still have the nightmares of that night, everything still hunted me till today
“Ember!” I snapped out of my thought as my best friend hugged me
“What a welcoming Ava” she laughed and nudged my shoulder
“Come on hurry before the whole place gets filled” I nodded and dropped my bag together with hers
We were the coffee or tea makers in the company you might be wondering I got all dressed up to serve coffee or tea, but it's a huge job
Me and Ava serves coffee or tea every day to everyone trust me it's not an easy job especially if you're clumsy like me
“I'll take coffee you take care of tea” I suggested, and she nodded
I set twelve cups of coffee on the trolley with a container of sugar and milk in the middle before pushing it to people's work stand and cabins
I removed my heels and put on a pair of flip-flops, I do that in order not to slip and pour half of the coffee like Yesterday, it was so embracing trust me
“Miss Dan”
“Good Morning, Mr. Stewart, a cup of coffee?” I smiled
“Nothing like the sweet taste of your coffee” I laughed and gave the coffee to him 
“You want some milk or sugar?” He sipped it
“Nah it's perfect like this”
“Bye Mr. Stewart”
Mr Stewart is the company's receptionist, and he is the sweetest man I have ever met in my life, he's more like a father figure to me, 
I served those in the financial office, and I'm out of coffee. You see this is the trouble I have to go through every day and I keep asking why can't I take the coffee machine everywhere? Now I will have to go back
I walked back to our stand and saw Ava leaving with another set of tea before I start to refill new glasses
“Good Morning, Miss Dan” I jumped and almost fell, but he caught me
“A very good morning to you Harold” I glared at him, and he just chuckled
“Ember you're so clumsy”
“Thank you! Seriously why did you scare me like that?”
“The boss wants to see you” 
“The boss?”
“Yes the boss now follow me”
“Harold I have never in my five years of working here met that man!” I whisper-yelled
“Then it's your first chance, put your heels on quickly” I removed my flip-flops quickly and wore my heels
“What's going on?” Ava asked walked in
“I'm meeting the boss and...”
“You're meeting the boss?” Her jaws dropped in shock
“Yes I am help me serve the coffee I'll be right back well I hope so” 
“Good luck!” She yelled as Harold pulled me to an elevator I have never stepped in
He pressed a number which I have no idea of because I was admiring the elevator... What? It's fancy!
“Why didn't you take a cup of coffee?” He asked, and I gave that look that says, 'are you crazy?'
“Both you and I know that the coffee wouldn't reach there” he laughed, but it was true the coffee wouldn't reach because it will spill on the floor, or myself or another person
“How did you even get this job with your clumsiness?”
“I have no idea”
Soon enough the door open and my eye widen. People I have never seen before were walking about, doing one work or the other
It was like I entered a different company there was one thing quite different with this people
I don't know they just seem very different and extremely handsome or beautiful
“Harold why haven't you told me about this place?”
“You never asked”
“How am I suppose to ask you where the boss stays when I've not even met him?” He walked upstairs, and I followed
“Exactly I've never met him to now get your ass in that room, and Good luck!” 
“You're going to leave me alone?”
“Of course now knock on the door and bye” with that he left me in front of the door curse him
I rubbed my sweaty hands on my jeans before knocking but no one answered I tried three times before opening the door
And no one was in the room how great! I studied the room and should I say it's breathtaking
My eyes caught a portrait of a little girl on the desk, she had white hair which is quite strange, but she was beautiful with a smile on her face 
I continue staring at the picture for some reason
“Beautiful” I screamed on top of my voice, and eventually fell on the floor 
I pushed my hair away from my eyes and looked up to the voice that scared me to death
My eyes Immediately met with mesmerizing red ones, they were the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen in my life, I could literally get lost in them
“Sir, I...” A young lady opened the door causing us to snap out of our staring contest 
“Michelle out!” He yelled making me realize that I was still on the floor
I stood up immediately and dust myself up before turning to him, 
I take a good look at him and almost drool I mean he is drop dead gorgeous! His hair was neatly comb to the back, his jaws was tight, his toned body just made him look wow!
He starts to chuckle, and I looked up to see him staring at me with amusement 
“Take a sit” I sat down quietly, and he did the same, And that's when my nervousness start to kick in oh great! 
“Stop doing that” I look up from the table with a confused look
“S…stop doing what?” 
“Your lips stop it” I stopped biting my lips immediately
I start to tangle my hair with my finger... What? I'm nervous, and he won't let me bite my lips! I don't know why
He dropped his pen and sighed before looking at me and raise an eyebrow I was biting my lips again I can't help it 
Before I knew what was happening I was pinned to the wall, and I can feel his hot breath on my neck 
“I told you to stop, didn't I?”
“I… I'm sorry I c…can't help it” I shuttered
“You look so beautiful when doing that, and it's quite tempting” he looked at me before looking at my lip and eyes
He stared at me for a long time before kissing me to say, I was shocked was an understatement 
My hands carried themselves around his neck, and I found myself kissing him back
And then there was a knock on the door bring me back to reality, and he growled with his breath getting hotter which is crazily weird
He pulled away from me and I dropped on the floor making him look at me 
The door flew open and a middle-aged woman came in 
“Leave!” He yelled at me and I left quietly
Who the hell does he think he is? First he steals my first kiss then he yells at me to leave of course I don't blame him, what in the world came over me?


Edited: 14.02.2021

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