I stumbled to the mirror.

"God, Ava..." Mom came to my side and grabbed my forearm, helping me to stand properly. "How much have you drunk, darling?" She stared into my eyes, worried. "Today is your wedding day."

I fisted my hands as anger rolled through me. "I'm fine, Mom. I know how to handle it."

She cupped my face. "I'm scared of your father, Ava. I'm scared of your brother. I'm scared of everyone but you..." She swallowed. "But you're the only person who understands me, who has been supporting me, who has been caring for me. Don't do this..."

I grabbed her hands my eyes moistured seeing my mother sad. I loved her so much. I could do anything for her. And I was going to marry a stranger just because I wanted to see her happy. I was sacrificing my life for her. I agreed to an arranged marriage so that my father would not divorce her.

I shook my head, didn't cry in front of her. "I'm so happy today you know that I wanted to be a bride since childhood." I smiled at those memories when I used to dream of becoming Henry's wife. Henry Robinson the most popular fashion designer in the country and my ex-boyfriend. He was my first love and my childhood sweetheart. I loved that man with all my heart but he had never felt the same. He never fell for me. He never loved me back. He broke my heart completely. And when he left me then I began to love alcohol, smoke, and drugs. My new world. "You are familiar with my habit, Mom. I can't live without smoking and drinking." I forced a smile. "And I'm sober." It half lied.


I walked down the aisle with my father. I couldn't see things clearly because of the veil over my face but still, I could figure out things.  The church buzzed with excited chatter but once I stepped in it went to dead silence. "You told me they will do a small ceremony but here I could feel hundreds of people." I murmured to my father.

He squeezed my arm in warning. "Just keep your mouth shut and do what you said." He gritted.

After that, I kept my mouth shut and did what I said. After all, I had no right. He had sold me off like a cattle to the stranger. He was a selfish, heartless, and vicious man. He just wanted to save his company so he used his own daughter to take back his company's share. I was just a pawn in his plan. Anyway, he had never taken me as his daughter, he had never loved me once. I was just a girl who had been a burden on him now he would get rid of me and in turn, he would get his company back.

I was going to marry a man whom I had never seen, he was completely stranger to me. He was the man who had won me in the auction. Auction? My father had auctioned me. Disgusting.

"Ava," Father whispered. "Be a good wife."

I didn't reply to him keeping quiet because I wasn't sure if I ever would be a good wife.

When we reached the altar he lifted my veil up revealing the man whom I was going to marry and I was shocked for a moment. I stared at the tall and muscled man who was in a dark suit. And he stared at me back with his stunning gray eyes. He had dark hair which was thick and lustrous. His facial features were hard and strong, his slender nose, prominent jawline, and sharp cheekbones. He was a man of any girl's dreams. Why on the earth did he want to marry me? Why did he win me? Why did he spend millions of dollars on me? He would get any beautiful woman.

He saw the shock register on my face before I could hide it. A small smile played on his lips as his eyes ran down the length of my body and that made weak at the knees. He extended his hand in front of me as asking for my hand. My father handed my hand over to him. When his skin touched mine a shiver ran down my spine. His palm was cold so cold. I was 5'8 inches tall excluded my three inches heel that I had worn despite this he was a few inches taller than me.

Priest began. "Friends and family..." He continued his prayer. 

I tried not to tremble but my body couldn't help. I had consumed half bottle of liquor in the morning and here the man who was standing in front of me keep staring at me and I felt self-conscious.

The priest's voice rang out. "Do you Dave Francis take Ava Miller to be your lawfully wedded wife, to share your life openly, standing with her in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, in hardship and in ease, to cherish and love forevermore?"

Dave's jaw clenched as he narrowing his eyes at me. "I do." He said through teeth and I frowned.

The same question asked to me. For a moment I considered to say no but I looked at my mother who was sitting beside my father, smiling at me and I said, "I do."

After that, we exchanged the ring. I couldn't believe It actually happened I had become someone's wife?

When we asked to kiss. "You may now kiss your bride." Something happened that I had never expected.

Dave spun around and walked down the aisle. He stopped beside a beautiful brunette woman who was in a blue dress. He grabbed her hand gently. "Let's go, baby," he said and made his way to the exit of the church.

What the hell?

A tall and muscled man reached me. His dark and terrified eyes met mine. "Fuck you! Come to our world, Mrs. Ava Franscis." He snarled and turned around and followed after Dave.

Another man reached me. "Honestly, I feel pity for you." He commented and walked after them.

I stood there shocked and confused. What the hell is this? My husband leaving me here alone like an idiot. Why the fuck did he marry me when he had a girlfriend? 

I blinked once, twice, and thrice as tears gathered in my eyes. Everyone was watching me and waiting for my next move. I didn't move from my place because I knew if I took one step I would probably fall down or burst into tears.

Is this my fate? Would I never get happiness? I don't deserve happiness.

Monika Singh

Edited: 09.11.2020

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