I am not his girlfriend?

The benefits and the sudden disbenefit of having a rich boyfriend

what would you do? If your boyfriend suddenly twitted, "#My girlfriend"?

and the girl in the photo isn't even me! Why!? What did I even do wrong? We were such a perfect couple. The perfect high royal couple in our high-school and college up until now so why? what happened?

I-I need to go ask Lisa.

"Hey Lisa?" I type as tears fall on my pillow. "My boyfriend broke up with me"

Lisa: (Shock emoji) "What the hell Jeannie?"

Is she blaming me? "Its not my fault Lisa! (angry crying emoji)"

"Oh, really? I'm sorry, what happened?"

"Harith posted a tweet--"I open the gallery tab and rush to send the pic to Lisa before I'll cry more buckets--looking at the picture. "he posted this! (selfieof Harith forcing a smile with his new girlfriend)"

"Oh my, (Shock emoji) Isn't that Shakira!"

"Lisa, take me seriously (crying emoji)"

"No, for real, Shakira Audrey, our rich girl classmate. Remember?"

I cry, not even trying to think who Shakira is, "No"

"Hold up, I'll send you our grad. pic"

"Wait--don't hang up!"

Lisa...is not responding. Did she just leave me? why? This is so unfair! Why all of a sudden? Last time we dated, we just ate jaw-dropping dinner, and watch the crystal lake. Although I admit, I made Harith pay for everything. But he said he's going to treat me to my favorite restaurant so I let him pay. 

Is this about money? Did he break up with me because I didn't pay that day?


Lisa!! Stupid phone! why won't you unlock! I typed the password, "Harith and I together"!.




Finally! I rush, swiping my thumbs off the phone.

"This is...(An image with a red arrow floating above an african-american girl)...bush head?"

"Yeah! (happy emoji)Our friend Shakira!"

Our friend...How can she be our friend!? Now I'm crying even more. I bury my screams and whimper on my blanket. But then he heard me,  'Shut up Jeannie!" my big brother yelling at me, 'I see that Harith got a new girlfriend! Good for him!'

I yell back at him, 'SHUT UP JASON!'


I look back at my phone, 

Lisa: "Are you still there Jeannie? (Eye emoji)"

"I'm still here Lisa. (Crying waterfall emoji)"

"So what are you going to do?"

I can't even think straight, "I don't know, call him?"


Lisa: "(Happy emoji) yeah do that!"

"but what if he won't answer me?" call him?

"Don't worry, he will (Wink wink emoji)"

WHAT WAS I EVEN THINKING!? stupid, stupid Jeannie! Now I have to call him.

"okay, here goes nothing..."

I close sendy tab and open my contacts.




DO I REALLY HAVE TO? Harith...should I really call you.

Oh no!


My hand slipped and its calling him! No, no, end the call, end call! before he receives---


Harith: 'Jeannie?'




It's him, It's him! 



My hands are shaking, my whole body is shaking. I feel like my heart is going to burst. why? why did I even call him? 'H-Hello?'

'Hey, uhh, Jeannie?'


God help me!


'uhm, so...' I ask 'are we still together?'


Harith answers, 'uhh, its about my parents...'

'answer me Harith!' 

sob* sob*

'Jeannie!? Are you crying?'

sob* sob*, I cannot take this anymore. 'goodbye'

'Jeannie wai--'

sob* sob*




I wonder, why my heart feels so cold when I have already covered myself under the blanket. I wonder, why my face feels hot when the night sky looks so cold and empty. Everything is so dark, and its freezing. But still, I wonder, why I couldn't sleep.

I grab my phone under the pillow, and open sendy, "Hey Lisa, are you awake?"

"(Heart eyes emoji) Jeannie! what happened? why didn't you pick up my calls? I'm worried for you baby"

"Its only been an hour. (sad emoji) I cannot sleep"

"awe, don't worry. Tomorrow, let's go to your favorite restaurant"

My favorite restaurant...is he asking me for another date?

"Sure, and you will treat me like always right?"

Lisa: "uhh, sure! I can treat you, candy that is (Smug face emoji)"

"you'll treat me, dumplings, and roasted chicken feet like always right?"

He is treating me

"(Blank shock face emoji)Jeannie?"

Harith is treating me again! I knew that we are still together, this time I'll pay my half!

"We'll go to the park after right? And then watch movies, shopping, and play in the arcade right?"

"Jeannie, you okay baby?"


"You still love me right?"




...Oh no!



what did I just send to Lisa! "Lisa, no, I didn't mean to, I mean, uhh, yeah we can go to the restaurant."

"Its okay Jeannie, (Smiley face emoji), Your best friend Lisa, will always be here for you (Wink wink emoji + Thumbs up emoji) Tomorrow lunch! meet me at our favorite park!"

Oh no...what did I just send to Lisa! "Lisa, no, I mean, uhh, yeah we can go to the restaurant."

"Its okay Jeannie, (Smiley face emoji), Your best friend Lisa, will always be here for you (Wink wink emoji + Thumbs up emoji)"




Edited: 27.10.2020

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