In The Arms Of Love

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              Life wasn’t always fair or easy and Iris learned all that in the roughest way possible. The last years of her young existence had been a nightmare that didn’t seem to show signs of ending. She’d lost in the blink of an eye, everything that was meaningful to her and since then, she hadn’t been able to find a way to convince her brain to accept that situation. From one day to the next, a black hole appeared out of the blue and took piece by piece everything that was precious to Iris: her family, her happiness, her safety... She wasn’t ready to lose her parents, they had to still be alive and well near her and not in those cold graves in that awful graveyard which she hated with all her entire being.

             Her father, Jason Rogers, died in a plane crash and on the same day, her mother suffered a heart attack that made her become the shadow of herself. The pain of losing the man she loved had left Melinda with no desire of fighting for her life or getting a little better. During all this time, Iris has always been by her mother’s side, pushing away every bad thought and never allowed herself to feel desperate or sad. She had to always be present, always smiling, trying in any way possible to bring Melinda back to life. But deep down inside her soul, she was aware that her mother was slowly dying of a broken heart, that without her beloved Jason she ceased to exist. She didn’t cry once, she didn’t make a fuss, she was dealing with everything like a perfect little soldier. The last few days had been extremely painful and tough for both of them, mother and daughter, and Melinda decided to talk to Iris in a way that they didn’t talk before. It was time...

“Iris, please, listen to me. From now on you will be responsible for all your actions. You will have to make choices that won’t be always fair and right; you will continue to make mistakes, but you will also know how to get on your feet again and face life, as you always did. We’ve tried to teach you how to overcome any kind of failure and how to enjoy all your successes. All these years, you showed me how strong you were and that’s why I’m not worried, I know you will be just fine. I’m so happy to look at you and see the wonderful woman you’ve become. You’re intelligent, beautiful, brave. I am so very proud of you. You don’t know how much you look like your father...”

              Her voice just cracked and Melinda stopped talking for a couple of seconds, closed her eyes and started to gasp for air. She had to talk a little bit more to her daughter, she had something else to say to her. Iris continued to look at her mother’s tired and weakened face with her sad blue eyes. She was holding her hand tightly, praying with all the strength for Melinda not to die. She still needed her mother very much.

“No matter what, don’t ever give up on your dreams! Everything becomes possible if you’ll fight with all the strength that you have inside. Don’t lose hope even when everything seems lost; you’ll see, your reward will soon appear. Oh, no, don’t cry, sweetheart,” Melinda said and whipped her tears away. “You’ll get through all this pain, the night won’t last forever, you’ll see. You have to keep on smiling, dearest, your smile always warmed up my weakened heart. And when you will find love, let it fill up your life,” she added stroking her hair and caressing Iris’s face.

             Iris took her mother’s hand to her lips and covered it with warm kisses while tears were streaming down her face. She didn’t have enough strength to say a word to her mother. All she wanted was to have some kind of superpowers to put an end to her mother’s suffering. Late that night, Melinda Rogers took the hand of her beloved Jason and went away, leaving her daughter alone and speechless.

                The young woman got up from the bench and after she touched the cold stone of her parents’ grave, she started walking towards the exit of the graveyard. She was now all alone in the world and knew that she had to make a future for herself. The past five years had been very difficult for her and Iris was pretty much aware that she couldn’t go back. The only way was straight ahead, no other option left. She had to choose one way and follow it no matter what. The only problem was that she didn’t quite know which way was the right one.

                Once she got home, Iris took off quickly her shoes and her black clothes and just let herself sink into the softness of the couch. It had been weeks since her mother’s passing and until that instant, Iris didn’t understand how strong the will of crying was. Her heart was so full of sadness that for a second she almost wanted to give in into the desperation and the pain that kept her company for weeks. But no way... she had to stay strong and to remain focused. There was so much to do and little time to cry or give in into heartache. She laid her pretty head on a soft pillow and closed her ocean blue eyes. She had to sleep just for a little bit and maybe wake up to find out that her last days were just a nightmare and everything was back to normal.


‘Taylor Enterprises’ was a total sea of silence at that late hour. The working hours were over for quite a while and all the employees were already gone away. In one room only one could see some light and a slight movement.

Emma Swan

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Edited: 31.01.2019

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