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Eight Years Ago! Enugu, Nigeria.

Esosa's POV

After the fire outbreak that took away all that my dad had built in his Traveling agency Organization, life became a living hell for my family. Two weeks after the fire outbreak, one fateful Sunday afternoon, there was a heavy rainstorm that came with windstorms and it destroyed few homes with that of my family house included. When my family came back from church service, we saw our collapsed one story building and this got us more devastated. Not even a pin of all our property was saved. I began doubting if all my beautiful dreams of becoming one of the world richest Forbes would come to reality.

Things became really difficult for my family and we were forced to return back to the village in Edo state to stay with my dad's mum, in their family house. At that time, Wilson my elder brother was 18years old, while I was 15years old. 
One  year later I wrote my high school final year exams (WAEC) and it was a relief for me because I'm now ready to chase after my dreams. I decided to talk my father of my decision one evening.

"Dad I have something to tell you" I said to my dad as we both sat outside the front yard of my grandma compound.
"Please Esosa, don't tell me you're pregnant because I can't deal with it" my dad replied looking horrified. I stared at him with wide eyes at his silly thoughts.

"Dad! How can you even think of that when you know very well  I haven't ever introduced a guy to you any guy as my boyfriend and neither do I have a secret boyfriend you don't of! So how on Earth do I get pregnant when I don't have a man in my life?" I questioned exasperatingly.

"Ahh, I'm sorry my dear for thinking such" he sighs in relief and flashed me a smile. "Now tell me why you called to see me" he added. I look at him and shook my head before I gave a deep breath and said what I had in mind.

"Dad?  I can’t sit here and continue to watch us die in suffering, I have to do something." My dad looked at me weirdly and smiled at my words.

" You’re a female, my child, there’s nothing you can do. If it was your brother telling me this perhaps I'd understand and let him fix it as a man but not you. Let’s just keeping hoping God will change our life to better someday" my  dad replied me and my brows furrowed at him.

"I don’t believe in that ‘someday aisle’ of a thing, dad. I’m not ready to settle for less, I want to explore the world dad, I have bigger dreams I need to achieve and I know deep in my heart that here is not the right place to make those dreams come true" I insisted

"What do you want to do, Esosa?" He asked me.

"I want to leave this town and go hustle, I want to give you all the life you deserve. Please dad, I want to leave this town to Lagos" I reasoned. My dad nostrils flares up in anger.

"What? No way! I can’t let you do that. You want to go do prostitution just so you can feed us? I disagree totally with you! You’re going nowhere, if you’re not comfortable with the life I’m giving you as a father then you can go to hell!" He yells at me and stood up and left to his room while I sat down there dumbfounded.

It didn't take longer for those tears to stream down my cheeks. For days I felt sad thinking of what to do to make my dad to accept my decision.

Two weeks later I  finally came up with a deal to make my dad accept my proposal. The deal was that if my high school final exams result(WAEC) came out and I excel greatly then my dad will have no choice than to accept the proposal but if I didn't pass up to seven subjects I've written then I'll end up not going to another city. To my surprise when I told my dad the deal he accepted it.

Three weeks later my result came out and I passed all the nine subjects I had written. I was so excited that I can finally start chasing my dreams. My family was also proud of me when they saw my excellent result. My dad kept to his promise and gave me all the money he had saved with the additional hundred thousand naira he had borrowed from the new firm he started working with just for me his only daughter to move from Enugu to Lagos. Fortunately, the money was enough for me to rent a one room apartment when I  got to Lagos to avoid squatting with someone. That was the beginning of my new life, I had to hustle my way out of poverty despite being a young female teenager.



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