Lavender's Unfated Bride



"You told me that I'll get her on the earth", I grasp, standing in the middle of the big graveyard.

"More than 700 billion people. Humans aren't like us. They don't live long. They produce tons of children every year and die soon", Rakhshani utters from behind.

"But I don't have more time left. I need her. She is the only one to save the generation", a teardrop escapes from my eyes, looking at my parents' grave.

I'm looking for her for the last 300 years. I roamed above the earth for year's to find her, different countries of different ages. I experienced more than thousands of season which I never sensed in our world. We don't feel the warmth of the sun, dampness of monsoon and the shivers of winter. I was unaware of these feelings throughout my life until I started my journey to look for her.

No one knew who she is, where she lives, in which era I can get her. Being clueless I strived to find her like a maniac. I assumed many women like her, but they all turned out to be someone else.

"You've come back home after three hundred years, Lavender", Rakhshani says in a happy voice. "Don't overthink of all this now. We have more time"

"Time? How can you say this? Don't you know this is the last age of the earth, the human being? Soon the earth will be destroyed with no human left on. It's my last chance to find her", my voice breaks.

Tears fall from my eyes, ripping the thin layer of my skin. Demons have feelings too and they cry. I don't remember how many times I cried. Sometimes to save the existence of demons and sometimes, recalling my dead parents.

Today, I'm crying for the girl whom I don't even know. Did I forfeit her while searching? What if she already died! Or maybe she isn't even born.

"You have endured for her for so long. God won't disappoint you. You'll surely find her", she says.

"What if she denies being my bride?", I ask, fear assorted with my voice.

"She must accept you, Lavender. Because she is your fated bride", she holds my shoulder.



300 years to look for his soulmate! Is this his love for her or an unknown reason?

The first chapter is arriving tomorrow. How many of you are waiting for the encounter of Lavender and his fated bride? 

Or Unfated?

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Niharika Nafisa

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