Love finds you

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What is life? A rollercoaster same may say. But seriously what is life? One moment we are happy singing christmas jingles in the backseat of our car. And the next thing we know we get hit by a bus. That is what life is for me, a series of drastic changes. 
Life was treating me well till i was 4, because that's when my mom died. Dec 1st 2002 was the day when my life took a drastic turn. Me and my mom were going for christmas shopping as christmas was just around the corner. We were singing christmas jingles and enjoying the car ride together. There was this thing about her she made everything more fun, even homework was fun with her. One minute we were enjoying our time and the next thing i know is we get hit by a fast moving bus. Our car crashed and i Remember the last thing i did before blacking out was calling her.

Everything after that was just a blur. I don't remember how i got to the hospital. I don't quite remember the funeral. But i remember this that was the day when my father started being distant and papa ( my grandfather) came to live with us. And i am so grateful for that. From then on i didn't saw dad that much he buried himself in loads of work. Whilst my papa raised me and taught me very valuable life lessons. He taught me to be old shchool and conservative in some subject and open minded in others. He taught me good i can say that.

4 yrs later

4 yrs passed by and it was just me and grandpa. Then on the next day of my 8th birthday dad came home and excitedly told everyone to get dressed because we are going to meet someone speacial. And with any further inquiry i went to my room to get ready. Papa, me and dad sat in the car, the car ride wasn't that long and we stopped just outside a beautiful house only not as grand as ours. We knocked the door and a maid took us to the drawing room where i saw a very beautiful women and little girl maybe my age. 

"Who are they dad" my clueless self asked. "She's Malenia your new mommy and she is Camryn your new sister. They will be living with us" he told me.

At first it was all good Malenia and Camryn treated me well. But then when father left for work they'd torture me hit me and abuse me. I tried telling my father but he wouldn't listen "Malenia is a good person and she cares for you. Be a good girl and stop complaining"is all he said. Papa also tried to confront him but he wouldn't budge.

And so i came in terms with the fact that my life is gonna be hell. As long as Malenia and Camryn are in the frame.


Your daddy

Edited: 12.07.2020

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