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Scarlet’s POV

 (Age- 14 yrs)

Coming back from school never felt so good.

I liked my previous school more. 
Why does dad bring us to this place? I don't like it even a bit. Everyone treats me so differently.  Nobody in my class sits beside me, they treat me like an alien.
Running into the villa holding my bag pack I looked around only to see, men in black standing everywhere like mannequins.  Some people were also dragging a sack to the room in a corner.

I was wondering about the activities that are happening around me, but a call pulls me out of my reverie.

“Dadda”, I exclaimed running towards my dad who is standing between the group of black suit men who have an earpiece in their ears. 
I hugged him and he lovingly asked," Oh sweetie, how's your first day at school."
"Dadda, it..dadda, it's just that they don’t like me and I... I also don’t like them, can’t we move back to Alysianna? Everything was so beautiful there." I asked in a pleading tone.

Dad’s face tightened, “No dear, we are going to live in Yolrence from now on. And Ettie you should talk with your friends first, otherwise how they are gonna know how good you are. Like how they are new for you, you are also new for them Give them a chance, okay."
“Ok dadda, I will try.”

One of the men came near to him( Scarlet's dad) and whispered something to him, his face got tensed.
Dadda came near to me and said after sitting down on his knees to reach my level," Sweetie you should go and eat something. Aren't you hungry? Your mom made your favorite chocolate pastries."
I nodded and sprint toward the kitchen forgetting all my dissatisfaction with Yolrence and the school

Later that day

I'm heading toward Mom's room to ask her about some study-related stuff. I was about to knock on the door but I heard them talking.
“Leo is it ok to keep him here, he might be dangerous, and sedatives don't work on him." My mother asked.
“Alyssa, I…I just don’t know, but we have to do it to protect everyone otherwise, the prophecy will come true.” Leonardo said.
“Leo, we have a daughter and we can’t be here every time. We can keep a bodyguard but it will definitely gonna attract attention from the king.”
“I don’t know, Alyssa, nothing seems right. King and queen have always been good to us. The thought of doing this to him is killing me but I can't betray our team, they are doing this for everybody's good. "
“Yeah, also that Aiden -“ then she started crying.
Realizing that I eavesdropped on something important, I quickly ran away to avoid being caught. 
Yolrence didn't feel good from the moment we stepped here, and now even my parents are worrying about this dangerous person.


“-yeah we kept your lunch in the refrigerator, reheat it carefully, ok. We will be back by dawn.”
"Ok, mom."
Since that day, I tried not to eavesdrop on my parent's conversation. They got more worried over the days. Also, I kinda feel like my parents had abducted somebody and kept him or her in the room on the upper floor.
I don't know why but I felt the presence of someone. Dad went frequently into that room,  taking food along with him.
I never asked him because they always refuse to say anything about it in front of me.

They don't even answer when I ask them about all those sounds which we hear late at night. 

They either cut me off saying that it is my imagination or told me that it can be any animal. It's not like I am 5 years, how can they give me such excuses?

I also tried to go there but got caught in the middle of the way and had to lie.

I know something is going on that I don't have any idea about.
But today, I will see what that matter is actually. The thought of my parents doing something wrong kinda disturbed me and I felt uneasy.
I locked the main door and went toward that secluded room.
Surprisingly, the door was not locked. I slowly turned the knob but  suddenly remembered the quote ‘ curiosity killed the cat.' I stopped.
Should I do this? Now, Mom and dad are not here, if something happened, then.
I abandoned the idea of seeing what’s inside and turned away to go downstairs again.
All of a sudden,  I heard a faint whimper that was equal to a boy followed by a low groan. And once again the desire of knowing what's inside emerged again.
With widened steps, I moved towards the room and immediately turned the knob.

The room was pitch black and cold. But the feeling of being stared at gave me goosebumps.

I intentionally avoided that golden pair of bright eyes. 

I was numb and don't what to do except for running back to my bed.

But I didn't.

I turned on my flashlight and started looking on the wall for the search of the switchboard.

Finding it, I turned it on brightening the whole room. I then slowly started to move toward that bright pair of eyes.

There he was sitting on the small bed bending his legs, staring straight at me with lazy eyes but his chin was still buried in his knees. It seems like he was waiting for me to go back. 

He has golden color eyes same as that of royals in  Alysianna.

Wait a minute...

My parents really kidnapped someone and on top of that a royal from Alysianna?

My mind went blank seeing him. He looks like a boy in his teenage. How can they do this?

I immediately went towards him almost running to ask him whether my thoughts are true.

But before, I would reach to him something invisible shooked me and pushed me a little hard, backward.

That boy stood up from the bed and came towards me, then he stopped at some distance and stared. 

With a slight smirk, he sees me as if seeing a lowly subject.

I stood up and arrogantly stared into his eyes.


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