Melissa:a tainted innocence


"Will you stop that already,you have been doing that for the past thirty minutes bro."Joshua says to his friend.The guy has been roaming around the room non stop only stopping when wanting to fill up his wine glass

"I'm frustrated i am pissed i have never been this miserable in my entire life!Why did this have to happen why did i have to meet her i was just minding my own business bro and to top it up she is just some blind girl she is supposed to have eyes and not my heart!"


"Yes Julia! That girl practically has my heart yet here i am being forced to marry Grace,what kind of life is this why did i have to fall inlove when i knew i was bethrothed to someone else what is happening to me what is this!"he said throwing himself onto the couch and gulping the last bit of the bitter liquid.Raymond had been with Julia for just a few months but it was beginning to feel like he had known her for years.She was just one in a million

"I feel you bro i really do so what do we do now Grace will be here in a month and that means your wedding is fast approaching.You will have to choose."The words hit him hard,it was the most difficult decision he could ever make in his life and it was between two things he treasured the most

"I cant lose my inheritance Josh,i cant i just cant.I dropped out of school just to come learn more about the business so that i take over someday so i cannot."

"Is that you letting go of Julia?" he asked Raymond whose face cringed.He could not imagine his life without her at all

"I will not let go of her either Josh,she is my life."he said turning to look at him,"You know i cant live without her Josh,you will have to help me i cant lose her."Joshua looks at him confused.How could he possibly help him.

"I am not following Ray."

"I dont want her meeting and falling inlove with someone else before i free myself from Grace,i will marry Grace but i will surely get a divorce later,at the earliest i wil make a plan but I dont want Julia being married off before i have divorced Grace

"So what are you saying?"Joshua said still failing to figure out the sense in everything

"I want you to do me a very huge favour Joshua."he looked around before locking eyes with Joshua once more,"While i try figure everything out...i want you to marry her....Marry Julia, please."




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