My bodyguard beau


Jessica's pov

Hi am Jess just your average girl Naa. I am an independent and powerful business woman and was named youngest billionaire at the age of 20. I own sapphire tech one of the most successful tech companies in the world ,hotels,malls, clothing lines etc . When am not being a billionaire am chilling with my friend and dancing with ma crew. I love dancing it's a way to express yourself, letting go of stress and just be you(am also a badass martial artist but who cares) I have everything I need except my prince charming just waiting for the right one.


Lorenzo pov

I am Lorenzo Giovanni the most ruthless Italian mafia leader multibillionaire and CEO of LG tech. I have everything I want money ,fame, power, women anything and everything . Men fear me and women worship the ground I walk on. All women want from me is money and fame that is I will never love or so I thought till I met her.


Hi guys this is my first book ever please like, comment, follow 😘and am sorry for any errors ✌️

Jessie Michael

Edited: 07.01.2021

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