My Family Sucks!

Everyday like its own.

"Hurry up! I need a shower Harley!" I say rushing her out of the bathroom.

"Just wait, I'm peeing!" 

"Eww, you little brat. Don't tell me what your doing in there just get out." I say then hearing the toilet flush and tap start to run. Then the door opens, and out comes a smell of odor and a little girl the age of 7. "Oh, Harley you stink. I need a shower for school you know. Now I have to shower with that smell. Thank little sis." Then I start to walk into the bathroom and before I knew it another 7 year old child runs into the bathroom.

"I need to pee, I need to pee, I need to pee." He says constantly then lets out a huge relief.

"Dallas!" I say getting frustraighted. "Dude I need to shower hurry up!" He kinda gets the message but he is still as slow as a sloth.

"Sorry Val, I couldn't hold it in." He says looking upset.

"Just move it we will be late for school!" I say moving him out of the way. I turn the shower on and it was great it. I wish I could put make up on but I am still only 14. My foster parents don't care what I wear they wouldn't care if I went out and got in a fist fight. They actually don't care for me or my siblings and that hurts like a bitch. I wish I had a family who loved me so much they would care if I got a graze on my knee, they would care what I wear to school everyday, they would care if I had a boyfriend. For all I know I could do illgeal things and my foster parents wouldn't punish me or make me feel like an actual child. It is that bad that I have to make sure my siblings are okay and when they are not I have to act like a mum to them. we have to walk everyday to school. They wouldn't care if I got attacked on the street. But when I was 7 the same age as the twins I had to learn self defence in The Family Care house. That is where we go if we are going to get fostered by another family, or if we have problems with our current family. I have been learning self  defence ever since then. Now the twins are 7 they are learning it too. Every Thursday we go to The Family Care and learn more stuff to help us if we need to use self defence in our lives.

I get out of the shower my hair is drenched so I grab the hair dryer provided and dry it. It takes like 10 mins but it still works like a charm. My hair is naturally Straight so If I want to curl it I useually do it in the morning or I wrap it round my pijama straps. I get my long Brown hair and put it in two dutch braids. They are so simple to do because I have learnt to do them when I was like 10 so I am a pro.  I have always had long hair since I was like 4 or 5 and I rarely cut it. When I do it just gets a trim. I put on a pair of dark blue ripped jeans, a tube to that is stretchy and black, I own like 6 of them all different colours. I put on a bomber jacket which is red with flowers and an addidas symbol on the back. I find my white socks with 2 black stripes sround the top of the socks and put them on with my favourite shoes my Nike SB Zoom Bruins on they are black too.  I top the outfit with a pair of ballstud earings and a braclet I got given from my mum before she left. I wear it everyday it is a silver bangle with ingraved in the inside, 'Valentina means Strong and Healthy never stop being Strong and Healthy, I Love you Mum xx'. I also wear my necklace with a 'V' as the pendant, It is a silver chain and a silver 'V'. I don't like wearig anything other than silver. Now I have to dress My siblings, I put them in almost identical outfits just one is more boyish and the other is more girly.

As I knew we arrived to school late. They go to a primary right next to my school. Everday before we leave eachother we say, "Stay Strong, Be Kind and Never Stop Trying." we all hug it out then go to our different schools. We moved here yesterday becuase the twins kept on getting bullied. My fosters didn't care so I called Child serivices and they moved us for us. On my first day of school I walk in and no one is in the halls. I have to go straight t0 the principals office. His name is Mr Ingrid, He know we are fosters. He tells me that I don't have to go to class until the end of the first 2 periods then it is form. But he also said "don't bother going to form just stay with me until morning tea, then you can go out and meet people." I didn't mind at all, all I did was go onto insta and take a few selfies to post. After like 3 or 4 mins I got 1,892 likes. I am not famous but I just take them and people see them.

It is now formtime and I am waiting for the bell to ring do I can go to morning tea.

Fatang! a loud noise interupted my thoughts.

Yeah, Now I can go out to everyone. as soon as I alk out the prinipal's office all I get are stares and I wasn't feeling to uncomfortable. Then a guy approached me and asked if I would give me his number. I said no because I have only been at this school for a few hours and people are already annoying the crap out of me. I start to walk to the quad then I hear a familiar voice.

"Valentina as you live and breathe." I turn to see a friend I had from my last school. She got expelled because she knocked a guy out. How embarrassing.I turn and hug her imeadiately.

"Shit girl you look amazing. I missed you Jamie." I smiled and she whispered in my ear.

"Finally an actual friend and dam you look smoking hot." She pulled away from the hud then said "That must have been why the most popular guy in school just asked for your number." I looked at her confused and then I clicked. Oh My God I got asked by the most popular guy in school for my number. I was shocked then I realised I don't care he doesn't know me. He just asked because of my looks.

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