My Half Demon Boyfriend

Chapter one


For the  last eight months since i completed my highschool education i have been waiting for this day, a day i was going to join university. I was excited for all stories my highschool teachers and my brother had told me about campus life. My brother told me that campus boys are very handsome , he told me there were rich boys and  they dressed so good. I used to feel like he meant they were those guys you admire and you want to spend time with.  I was eager to see those boys. He warned me about them though,  saying not all of them are good as they seemed.  My high school deputy told us that campus was full of fun. She said that campus students go to clubs anytime they wanted, she said that they had freedom to do anything they wished for. This used to give me the desires to get to campus. I hated high school life, i hated how we were treated like grade four kids. We had no freedom, we had to attend all classes. Parting was a forgotten vocabulary in my school and having an affair was the worst crime you could ever commit. All this rules made me work hard to join campus. I worked so hard every night before my final exams and so i did pass excellently when the results were out. I achieved a grade to take me to campus.

" Hey, Georgina are you ready? My brother asked me after he knocked on my door.

" Yes" i replied and walked out of the door.

" You look amazing little sister" My brother commented.

I was wearing a tight sky blue jeans and a white off shoulder which had blue  stripes that matched my jeans. I had styled my hair and it looked so perfect. My make up was on point and my white shoes were shining from the ground. I had to look good, it was going to be my day one in campus and of course my friend,  June had told me to make sure i looked well when joining campus.

My brother and i left the house, we used his white  new Audi car  to get to the university. I sat with my brother at the front sit. He was a good driver and so he drove quit easy, he always drove easy. I admired his driving skills. He is that kind of a guy who can drive doing other things like, using his phone, singing and even playing cards. One day at home parking he drove using his legs and he scared me to death.

" Are you nervous?' Marcus finally asked.

" Yes" i said then turned to him. " I have always been excited for this day and you know that brother"  I added.

" Calm down! Gee, its just like how you felt joining high school. Its gonna be fine" He said caressing my hand.

" You said campus is different, I'm nervous about the stories you told me. The...

" Boys"

As if he knew what i was going to say my brother cut me off.

" Gee, don't over think about the boys, remember I'm taking you to campus to study.  It is the core business, okay?  Marcus asked in a serious tone. I knew he was damn serious, so i nodded my head in agreement because i didn't want to argue with him.

After one hour we arrived at the university. The university field was full of people. The continuing students and us who were joining today. My brother and i  headed to the adminstration offices and after thirty minutes we were done with the registration and enrollment for my medical engineering degree.

We needed to pass time before going back home and so we went to the graduation square where the fourth year class  graduation was happening. We occupied the middle chairs and focused on the ceremony. It was fun, i enjoyed how they were dressed, their gowns were so beautiful with name tags in on them. Each group had its different gown colour.
One tall guy caught my eyes, he was muscular,  he had a nice face and his eyes were glowing inside their sockets. He had a beautiful complexion and a nice smile. I looked around and i could see a lot of girls staring at him especially when his name was called and he stepped in front. 
I continued staring at the handsome boy forgetting that i had my brother beside me. Marcus  noted that i was staring and waved right into my face.

" You are staring, what is it?"  He asked

" Nothing,  I'm just excited about the graduation it is fun"  I replied and smiled slightly as an assurance  that i was not lying.  Marcus smiled back at me.

After the graduation people started leaving the square. Marcus and i walked together to the university parking.

" Do you want us to stay longer? Its your day one in campus, maybe you want to walk around and survey the school well or you need to make some few friends"  
Marcus, asked me at the way.

" Yes, i think i would like to walk around, i want to know everything about this school " I said.

" Okay, i will walk you around" Marcus said started walking. I followed him.

Marcus walked me around the university compound showing me different places like school hotels,  clubs, library. 
As we walked i could see boys shot glances at me. I would look away pretending not to see them. Some girls were also shooting glances at my brother. Marcus would ignore all of them and continue talking to me.

" Marcus  Davis" Someone called my brother's name from behind and so we stopped and turned our heads back.

" Stan" My brother called him and separated the distance between them then hugged him. 

"Its been a long time dude, how are you?" Stan greeted Marcus
"I'm good" Marcus replied.

" Is this your girlfriend dude? Stan asked giving me his hand. I was irritated and so i ignored his hand in front of me and glued my eyes on Marcus.

" She is Georgina, my little sister." Marcus introduced me.

" I'm sorry Georgina" Hey! "  Stan said in a calm tone.

" Hey "  I said.

" I will walk around brother,  catch up later " I told Marcus and continued walking.

I left Marcus and Stan talking and continued walking around the school. I came along the lecture classes, the resting areas and many other places. I had walked for about twenty minutes and i was tired. I was not used to walking a lot. I decided to go back to Marcus. 
I walked at a different pathway from the one  i had used before. The path i took this time had so many corners. As i was walking around one corner a group of graduates appeared from the opposite side. I stared at them still walking  not looking where i was going.

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