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The Day We Met...Again.


It can be said that today is also another typical day, because Nora was looking miserable & she was in hurry to get ready. It's already late for her first class.

Nora was transferred to another university and today was her first day of college. She wanted to become independent, so after insisting her parents for over one month, they finally accepted their defeat and gave permission to their precious daughter to join university at Anster.

Her friends Mia, Emily & Jasper, together left Kenara city and got admitted in university of Anster city. Originally she was also planning to leave together with them, but her granny suddenly fell seriously ill, so she decided to not leave Kenara before her granny comes home. Now that she was fine, Nora desperately wanted to go Anster.

Finally she managed to get ready within 20 min and ran fast towards her cycle. College was just 15 minutes from her home, but she don't have even one more second to idle around. 

She was going fast and even managed to reach college gate in time. But when she was about to enter it, a little puppy suddenly came in front of her cycle. 

Nora was shocked and she desperately tried to avoid hitting that puppy. She turned handle of her cycle to left side and pressed breaks immediately. But still, her cycle got hit by a car which was also entering through that gate. 

Nora fell from her cycle, but she speedily got up by herself. Speed of car and cycle was too slow, so she was not seriously injured anywhere. She pulled her cycle from the ground and came towards the window of that car.

" Hey, I'm sorry! But that little puppy startled me so I lost my control. Have a nice day!"   Nora apologized...& then without waiting for response, she rushed towards her classroom, she was late for her first class!

 But when she slowly looked inside her classroom from outside window, there was no teacher inside. Students were playing with their cellphones or talking with friends. She thought, maybe teacher is also late for todays class.

Mia, who was just looking outside randomly, saw that Nora was outside. She gestured her to come inside. Nora nodded and entered her new classroom. It was different from her school in Kenara. It was bigger, brighter and louder.

When she came towards her friends, Emily asked her to sit with her and they started to talk happily. 

" You are finally here Nora..! We all missed you so much!" Emily hugged and patted her back.

" I also missed you all! I tried my best to come sooner. Dad was so reluctant and sad, but I still came early for you guys..! I had to promise him that I'll spend my whole winter vacation in home before getting his permission!" Nora counted her efforts to them.

" Yes, yes my baby, we know uncles possessiveness for you. It's good that you are here. Finally I'm feeling my life is now perfect." Mia came to sat with them and hugged her shoulder. 

 They all were friends from their childhood & always stayed together. But when Nora couldn't managed to leave Kenara city with them, they left with sorrow. But now...Nora was back and their squad of 4 people, finally united again after 3 months.

Nora asked Jasper, " Why our teacher is so late today? I thought I'm late, but to my surprise, it's teacher who is late!"

Jasper, " We have off lecture today. Teacher messaged on our WhatsApp group this morning. I think you haven't opened your chat from this morning." Jasper knew that she must be late, so she missed it.

" Yeah, but it's good! Now we have some time to talk. I really missed this feeling.." Nora was too happy after meeting them.

They were talking about last three months and this college, when suddenly someone entered the class. After putting his bag on second bench, he came towards Nora. She was sitting on the desk of bench to face her friends while talking, so he was facing her back.

" Hey, can you turn back?" He asked her and Nora came down. She looked towards him in confusion.

" Yes? Do you want some help?" She asked him lightly.

 Even if Nora didn't noticed, almost all students were looking at them. Person before Nora was the most handsome, smart and rich student, Ryan. Even though he was already taken, girls even now can't manage to overcome his charm, whenever they saw him.

All students were looking at this scene with great interest, because Ryan was an introvert person. Very few people had fortune to talk with him and it was even rare that he took initiative to talk with someone else. 

Ryan, " No, you dropped this.." Ryan handed her a book.

Previously when she got hit by that car, Ryan was sitting in back. When he get out of car to apologize for that accident, Nora was already left for her class. He was about to leave, when he saw a book on ground. He picked it up and after seeing her in classroom, he came to give it back.

Nora took that book from him and Ryan said to her.

" I'm sorry about that accident. I hope you are not injured. If you want, I can pay for your medical bills." Nora was amused by him. He was clearly a caring and responsible person. But he was talking very awkwardly. She realized that he was not very good with new people. 

"You don't have to say this, it was clearly my fault. But if you want to repay for it, then be my friend from today..!" Nora liked his personality and wanted to help him in making new friends.

Ryan looked at her strangely. He was confused how to answer her question. 

" Why are you making him uneasy Nora? He don't want that, so don't force him." Mia came to his rescue.

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