My Stalking Donor

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Chapter 1

I stare at the text on my phone one last time in annoyance; meet us at our usual bar by 8 sharp, Celeste, or else we're bringing a male stripper to your home. Well, it's 8:30, and I'm the only blasted person here.

I love my friends; Carla, Penny, and Kat, but sometimes, they can be really crazy and irritating.

I'm supposed to be at home right now, having fun with my three-year-old kid, Henry, or watching some Disney movie with him as we always do on Friday night. But instead, those three bat-shit crazy ladies threatened me to come here, and they aren't even here now.

Ever since I had Henry, everything I do revolves around him. I make any decision with him being my topmost priority. 

 I once worked as a waitress in a restaurant but instead used all the cash dad left me before kicking the bucket, to open a small bakery that was doing well. This was so that I could fend for Henry and me as my last salary I used to receive wouldn't have been enough.

I used to live in a small apartment with only one room but moved to a larger and comfortable one with two separate ones when I was pregnant with him.

I come out every Friday night to go clubbing with my girls and maybe end the night with some sexy stranger. But all that lessened and finally stopped. I now prefer to use that time with my little bundle of joy. Or maybe it's because I'm getting old. I am twenty-seven years old, after all.

He's the cutest boy I've ever seen, and he's so smart and quickly adapts to anything.
Even though he's just three, he can talk than most kids his age and has less trouble doing it. His vocabulary is still little, but I'm impressed by his progress. His preschool teacher always sings praises of him whenever I pick him up.

I sigh again, sipping from my vodka, already bored. There was still no sign of those three bitches, and different guys have been hitting on all night. But I brushed them off, not interested in any of them the slightest bit. If I have time for guys, it means less time for me to have with Henry, and I wasn't okay with that. I would pick time with my baby over any other thing at any time.

I was thinking about leaving and going to pick up Henry from the babysitter when someone occupies the stool beside me. I take one glance at the newcomer and was left stunned by what I saw, not able to take my eyes off him just yet.

Tousled dark brown hair which was thick and lustrous, eyes a mesmerizing grey color that could be mistaken for brown and oddly familiar too. Dark eyebrows which sloped downward in a serious expression, perfect ripe lips that are presently curved in a frowned and a prominent jaw curved gracefully around.

There is a little scar above his eyebrow that is almost invisible because of the dim light, but I can see it. His golden skin is perfectly tanned and smooth, and a deep brown tailored suit stretches over his broad chest.

His whole appearance oozes power, mystery, confidence, and class, intimidating me.

My gosh! What a masterpiece. Maybe Henry can wait a while.

"Hey, sugar. And what will you be having?" The bartender asks with a sultry voice, sending a seductive smirk his way and winking at him. 

He, however, glances at my drink before his eyes divert to mine, and he sends a wink my way, making me blush.

"Two of whatever the lady's having." He declares before glancing down at his phone.

The bartender sends a smirk my way before pouring his drink for him. I continue to study him from the corner of my eye, watching him type away with his long manicured fingers on his phone while loosening his tie.

Now that I think about it, I've been spending way too much time on Henry and my shop. I deserve some 'me time,' and I'm going to spend that with Mr. Sexy Pants here.

Fluffing my wild mane of strawberry blonde hair and arranging my black body-hugging dress, I spin on my stool to him and clear my throat to grab his attention.

"Hi, I'm Celeste." I stretch out my hand to his with a smile on my lips. He stares at it for some time before reaching for it and smiling back. His palm is extremely soft like he's never worked with it, but at the same time, I could feel how firm his grip was, and it sends little tingles up my arm.

"Adrian." He replies in a deep smooth velvet voice as he shakes my hand. Even his voice makes my skin prickle in pleasure. When last have I had such types of feelings? Too long. He holds my hand longer than necessary as we both stare at each other.

The bartender passes him his drink, and he retracts his hand back to take it. He drinks it all in one go before slamming it back down on the table and running his finger through his tousled brown hair and down his face.

That action of his seems so hot to me, but he also seems perplexed, like something was on his mind, disturbing him.

"I'm guessing you're here to drown your sorrows," I state while watching his actions in concern. He stares at me in confusion, probably not expecting me to say that. He studies me for a while before going for his next drink.

"Sort of..." He mumbles and stares straight ahead.

"Wanna talk about it?" I asked, cocking my head at him. He seems distressed, and I have this strong urge to comfort him.

"Not really." He mumbles again in that deep sexy voice that does things down there in my panties.

"Come on. We're just two strangers sitting at a bar and drinking our night away. Your secret is safe with me." I persist before sipping from my drink. He glances at me again, and I lick the vodka off my lips. His eyes snap to them at my action before looking away and letting out a sigh.

"Alright." He spins to me also, making our knees touch and sending tingles up there. "Have you ever want something or rather, someone so much, but you know that reaching for them might make them...crumble underneath your palm...or float away? What if they don't want you." He asks, his gaze intently fixed on mine, and I could see a hint of fear beneath them.

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