Never expected

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Prologue (nightmare)

Tria's P. O .V

Mommy, daddy, grandma, Carie and everyone of my family are preparing for a party. Balloons are scattered everywhere on our backyard. Actually it's very rare to have everyone. Everyone looks happy but no one have noticed me yet. Also no one is looking for me. That's weird.

As soon as I walk toward them and calling them out. But no one hears her, what's going on? I sprint towards them but I stumble to nothing but there's nothing, like an invisible wall that is not letting me go to them. I shout at them to look for me. I cry at top of my lungs but still no one hears. I begin to cry but what can I say, they never have needed me. They never look for me. Like I'm the black sheep of the house. I keep on shouting and banging on the invisible wall that is not producing a bit of sound.

After a while, daddy looks toward me, and call everyone else to get their attention to me. They walk toward me soon they are in front of me. Daddy says something to Stephenie , Robin, Sam and grandma, they all burst in to fit of laughter while looking at me and nodding at what daddy said to them. Realization dawns at me, they are laughing at me. At my appearance, my unequal teeth, my long stretched face and my thin body.

How can my family members laugh at me when I'm one of them? How can they dislike me so much? How on the earth can I have such family? And what have I done to deserve this? 

They start to mock me for crying at every little thing. They cat call me, insult me, call me names. They were all pointing out all my faults while pointing their fingers at me. As I start to get up but their voices get louder and louder. Soon I couldn't bear to listen to them anymore. Again I try to stand but the pain throbs more and more. 

When the pain gets so bad that finally I wake up from the nightmare. I was sweating so much that my tank was sticking to me and my breathing was raged. I touch my forehead and found it was also covered in sweat. Fortunately my temperature was at normal. It was the first time I saw this dream-no nightmare. Before it was different nightmare. Where I would hear everyone taunting me but couldn't see anything it used to be pitch black and I was not able to see anything. 

I check my phone and it's ten past three in morning and I am going to start my adult life from this morning. Now, this new nightmare proves something is going to start that I may not like but I can't stop myself from worrying. 

I try getting to sleep but I guess sleep is on date with some amazing and sexy dreams. I get up and roam in my one room apartment and kitchen with bathroom. It's weird that now I'm finally a adult, going to start her own life, who scored the highest marks in my high school and topped the entrance in college and blew the board members mind in interview. I'm happy and excited to finally go to college myself and finally away from my ohh so typical family. That has given me these nightmares. 

I'm going to prove them that I won't be returning to them let them run over me again and again. I vow it to myself. Now come on Tria, let's get some sleep, you don't want to look like a zombie on your first day of college. 

Phoenix Still in ash

Edited: 08.07.2020

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