Prides Sonnet

Chapter 1

Chapter 1
In the darkest of light
and in the Brightest of night
Comes a time where we must fight
We face our demons and pay the price
The devil will take no mercy on this sacrifice 
For he shows no kindness, no sympathy, only evil 
our fate is only judged by the choices we make
Mine, yours, forever us. The People.

2018 Glasgow, Scotland on Christmas Eve. As the streets were filled with  snow, with no one around. People in their homes, next to a roasting fire and with one thing in mind. Christmas! "The wonderful time of year" where everyone wants to get it all out the way and prepare for Christmas morning. The presents, The decorations, the dinner and most importantly.... spending time with their families. Unfortunately, The Summers didn't have that opportunity this year. No, They were out of town and were attending an event for Rachels successful Poetry. She loved Poetry. It was her passion. Her husband: Chris who would always attend. Supporting her in front of a sea of people. Her poetry was just  too beautiful. Brought a tear to Chris's right eye every time as if someone had pulled out a nose hair from him. She would get a standing ovation every time and it would always be overwhelming. It was a feeling of adrenaline and just simply breath -taking. 

After the event everyone attended the Christmas party. "Rachel that was unbelievable, I could listen to you reading Poems all night!" said Alison Goodman; Alison Goodman, Tall as a tree with her earrings that looked like rotten apples dangiling down. She would say these things but Rachel would never think she was telling her the truth. She always seemed so jealous of Rachel's work. She seemed very passive aggressive when engaging with her. "Well, Edgar Allan Poe did inspire me a lot for this poem!" said Rachel as she swayed with excitment. Chris wasn't too fond of Alison himself. He would just give her one word answers and keep to himself. He could just tell she was trouble, since he had heard all of the rumours, that is... if they even were rumours. One rumour was that she had a woman named "Alexa Fisher" kicked out the poetry club by humilating her with an audio clip of  her having sex. It was during her big moment in front of publishers as well. Apparently, It was so bad that she had a mental breakdown. Some say she moved - some say she comitted suicide. Rachel however would always be nice to her anyway. She didn't like the confrontations. She just wanted to have a great time. "Thank you Alison, I loved your poem tonight as well! It was so captivating" said Rachel with a beautiful smile
"You're a doll, Rachel; and Chris?.... was great seeing you too! hows the um... hows the um....
Chris looked slightly annoyed "I'm a Project Manager, Alison."
"Yes" Alison laughed "how. is. that. going!?" Slapping Chris on the shoulder repeatedly
"Good" Chris said very dry then took a swig of his wine as if it were his last drink on earth.
They both stared in awkward silence. Alison looked at her agent Jonathan who was in the middle of a conversation with a couple of what looked to be very important publishers with screaming eyes signaling to get away from Chris. 
"Anyway, I'm going to go and chat to my agent now. Brainstorming session! Alison said with a high pitched tone that would make dogs cry. "Bye Rachel" as she hugged her tight in an aggressive manner. She looks again at Rachel holding her arms. "You look good tonight" She then looks at Chris. "Chris, you....have a lovely time, as she places her hand on his shoulder" 
Chris forces his smile and in a dry, fake voice says "You too" with a patronising thumbs up.
Alison with her vintage fake smile, giggles and walks away. Chris gestures strangling motions towards Alison. Rachel laughs "Be nice!"
"I'm trying but she's too much sometimes. Did you not see the way she was talking to me? "Hows the um.... the um......" Chris says in an idiotic voice.
"So, what are you saying?" Rachel says concerned. Chris sighs "I'm saying... be careful because I won't be there all the time. She just seems snide in my eyes" 
Rachel knows he's just looking out for her, she wasn't stupid. She just wanted to move on and enjoy the rest of the party with her husband. It was hard enough since they weren't able to see their families for the holidays. this was the only thing great in her life right now. Nothing was going to ruin it.

Chris and Rachel start getting more drunk as the night progresses. Not a complaint was had. They were having the time of their lives. 
Chris asks Rachel if she wants to take a break and sit down. Rachel just laughed as she hugged him. 
Chris kisses her. "I'll be right back, okay?"
He heads off to the bathroom as Rachel decides to sit down by the bar. She was ready to order another but She recieves a tap on the shoulder. A man dressed in white wishing for her attention. "Rachel Summers? I've been dying to meet you all night!" the man kisses her hand, and offers to buy her a drink.
Rachel tells him straight away that she's married. The man laughs "No, no. I know that, I'm just being polite. "Also", the man raises his hand to show that he's taken too! "I'm not trying to chat you up". "No, I'm simply wanting to publish your poetry!"
"I absolutely love all of your poems! read all of them!" Rachel looks at the man speechless. "I don't know what to say! Thank you!" The man smiles "No, Rachel. Thank You. Your Poetry always blows me away! I just wonder. How can she top this one. His hands raised in the air like he's grabbing an imaginary ball. "Then you come out with mind - blowing new material! Love it" 
Alison and Jonathan  get a glimpse of Rachel speaking with the man in white. "Whose SHE talking to?" says Alison in an aggressive tone. "Oh, The sun always shines on me!" 
says Jonathan in a high pitched disprespectful voice. Alison slowly turned to Jonathan with a deadly stare as if she was offended but starts to laugh like a Hyena. "That's Alex Miller. He's a really big publisher. Owns the company "Fidelity" Made a fortune with his wife: Sandra Miller says Jonathan as he takes a sip of his wine.

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