Storm of the billionaire ( Tempesta Del Magnate! )

A Dying Wish!

The night was dark and stormy. Dark clouds covered the sky as if preventing moon from casting its light on the earth’s surface. The wind blew so strong that trees bent downwards in the direction of the wind current. Everywhere was pitch black except for the frequent flash of forked lightning, followed by an earth shuddering rumble from the above.  
Given the condition of the weather where no human would dare to step out of their houses unless they have a death wish, was running a human figure with all its might in a scantily covered forest with trees.  
The wildly blowing wind would uproot a tree every now and then making the forest a dangerous place for moving. The cold and icy downpour of rain felt like needles piercing the skin. A simple movement of running turned out to be an extremely laborious act coupled with heavily drenched clothing. The slippery ground only added up to the struggle.  
The heavy panting of that person got lost in the chaos of this apocalyptic night. However a faint sound of manly voice could still be heard in a distance, barking orders to keep searching.  
The nearer the voice was heard the faster the person urged to run away from them, towards an unknown destination. Unfortunately, those small feet couldn’t outrun the search party and was caught by them at a dead end-A cliff.  
Finding now way to escape, the person jumped down the cliff into the raging sea below. The area under the cliff was covered with sharp and deadly rocks that wouldn’t spare any life that falls upon them. Even the sea looked merciless tonight. 
“Please, I don’t want to die yet. Please save me” A wish was made before darkness consumed the senses.  
“This girl has sustained many semi fatal injuries. There are two broken ribs, a slightly fractured left arm, and the skin on back of her head cracked as a consequence of hitting something as hard as a rock. Fortunately, no damage to skull has been found. Other minor injuries include many deep cuts on stomach, on the back and a few on legs. Some previous scars were present on the back.  
Mrs. De Luca looking at the previous injuries and scars it looks like a case of abuse or violence. If you know this woman then please report this case to police.” The doctor stated the injuries reading off his clipboard. The man dressed in white coat pushed off his spectacles and looked at the old couple sitting in his chamber in front of him. 
He has known this couple for many years and he’s like their family doctor too. 
“That poor child, what cruelty she has suffered from! Mr. Garry about the police report, I think we should wait till she regains conscious. We don’t even know her name or where she’s from. It will be easy for the police to catch the abuser with enough information at hand, right?” Mrs. De Luca swiped her tears that escaped her eyes. When she saw her after being rescued from those raging seas, she felt her heartbreaking apart. The woman was in such a pitiable state. She was bleeding heavily.  
The doctor on her private yacht tried his best to stop the hemorrhage but it was just temporary. They had to rush towards the shore which turned out to be difficult given the weather, to admit her in the best hospital of the Bahamas. The following day, their family doctor was called all the way from Italy to operate on her.  
Dr Garry couldn’t help but voice out his confusion before them, “Looking at how you called me all the way from Milan for a stranger, anyone would wonder if she’s your dear relative or someone.” 
“I assure you, we don’t know her otherwise she wouldn’t be in this state. De Lucas would never allow their members to be abused or mistreated.” Mr. De Luca assured him. And it was true, the title De Luca is a world known business leader since the medieval era in Italy. A person would be blind or mentally retarded to not know this title. They were respected in every field of business from agriculture to fashion industry, they have their roots spread in almost all leading industries.  
“It’s just that the moment I saw her, I felt a sense of familiarity with her. I had this unknown kind of attachment with her as if I had known her for years. Other than this, I have no other explanations to satisfy your curiosity, Dr  Garry.” She explained however she could. The feeling that she got from her were beyond explainable. Despite being wrapped up in bandages from head to toes and having deathly pale skin, the girl still looked as an absolute beauty. 
“I see, if that’s the reason than we shall wait till she regains consciousness and then pursue this matter further.” After this conversation they left the chamber together towards the hotel they were currently staying at.  
After two weeks had passed and she still didn’t regain her consciousness, the doctor pronounced her to be in vegetative state. But they gave them hope with the news that she has a good chance of waking up soon if her condition didn’t worsen.  
After a month of being under observation the couple decided to take her to Italy with them. They prepared a private plane for according to them, the ship would be uncomfortable and inconvenient for the patient. Also, they arranged everything at their mansion for her stay. A private nurse was also hired for her care. Her ward was set up at a seemingly secluded but safe wing of the mansion so as to avoid any kind of disturbance in her rest. 
Their family members would as usual come to visit them but not a single member of the De Luca family got the wind of this matter. She was hidden so securely that none of them suspected or felt any difference in the house.  
They were afraid that if anyone knew about it, the matter would spread and media and police would get involved. Not even their dearest grandson and granddaughter knew about it.  
The doctor suggested that they should try talking to her as it would help her in healing. As advised, the old woman would ceremoniously visit her and the old man would also accompany his wife and talked with the young woman. When Mr. De Luca isn’t available, his wife would herself sit beside her and talk about his grandson and how mischievous he used to be.   
Looking at the way she was treating her, Mr. De Luca finally the reason, that was when she got pregnant for the second time, unfortunately she had a miscarriage. The fetus turned out to be a girl. After that she couldn’t conceive again and was distraught for a period of time. His wife always wanted a daughter and according to his understanding his wife was looking for her lost daughter in the strange woman. He was surprised but glad somewhat for his wife.  
In the similar way six months passed but she still didn’t regain her consciousness until one day…… 


Honey Lee Willmanson

Edited: 24.01.2021

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