Tangled With A Prince

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Chapter 1



I was two minutes late for work! I quickly wrapped an apron to my waist, then greeted Bella, my best friend who also worked in the café. “Good morning, Bells.”

“Good morning, Mish. Is your stepmom making it hard for you again?” she asked as she was tightening the knot of her brown hair.

 “As usual.” I heaved a sigh. “I did all the housework before I left for work. I am literally their maid!”

“Not just the chores—you do your sister’s homework, too! Have you talked to your mom about college?”

“I won't be going to college… at all.”

She stopped for a moment, then her shoulders fell. “Oh, I’m so sorry, Mish.”

“She won’t pay for my tuition and I can barely survive on the wage here as it is…”

“But you want to go to college, right?”

I nodded. “I really want to. I want to escape from this miserable life and probably move away. I'm sick and tired of them ordering me around. Unfortunately, Livia won't pay for my education. She'll probably just tell me it's for Amelia’s dance classes.”

“Yeah…” Bella looked down dejectedly. We'd been working together at the cafe for two years now. She was shy at first, but we eventually got along because she's diligent and honest.  She was always there for me when I felt down and had my back whenever I was late for work. Aside from being my colleague, she was probably the only good friend I had in this dull city.

“I’m fine, okay? Anyway, here comes our first customer,” I said.

A young man in a leather jacket, ripped jeans and boots and beautiful redhead girl in green dress entered the café and sat on the tables. The guy looked pissed and furious, while the girl seemed apologetic.

Immediately, I walked to their table to get their order. I held out my note and greeted them, “Welcome to Starlight. May I get your order please—”

The guy looked up at me and held his hand to cut me off. And by the moment he lifted up his face, I saw one the most gorgeous man that walked the earth. He was breathtaking. As he stared back, there was no way I wouldn’t notice his ocean blue eyes, his dark hair, his jaws were symmetrical, firmly etched mouth, but despite those perfectly sculptured features, his face was impassive. He narrowed his eyes at me.

I stepped back.

The redhead he was with suddenly burst into tears and then wrapped her arms around the guy.

“Why can’t you believe me, Gabriel?”

Uh-oh. Swiftly, I moved back to the counter next to Bells.

“After I caught you cheating with Jack Samuels?” he growled at the woman. “My competition in the industry? Are you kidding me?”

“I’ll do anything, please. I’m not cheating with him if you could just believe me. It’s just him who’s trying to flirt with me!”

The gorgeous guy smirked with sarcasm, then shook his head. “Why don’t I believe you? Anyway.” He stood up and slipped his hands in his pocket. “Goodbye, Steph. Let’s not see each other again.”

Without looking back, he stormed out of the door, but redhead chased after him.

I gasped.

What the heck just happened? Did they just enter the café to fight?  

“I can’t believe he was here…” Bells whispered.

“What?” I asked.

“That’s Gabriel Prince.”


“Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of Gabriel?!” She looked at me incredulously. “The Prince Brothers? Gabriel’s literally every girl’s fantasy.”

I frowned in curiosity. “The Prince Brothers? Who?”

“How can you not know?” her voice raised. “The Princes are popular all over the news, social media and in every corner of New York.” Bella drew out her phone then typed something on the search bar. Several sites and she clicked one of the photos and showed me a picture of five handsome men, one of them is the guy who left just now.

“So gorgeous—all of them, aren’t they?”

“Okay, who are they then?” I asked, suddenly curious.

“I don't know much about the others, but I know the eldest is the CEO of some company. Oh, I know Hunter. Hunter's an actor in Hollywood. He starred in The Ways to Love you film—”

I caught my mouth. “Oh my God! Of course. He’s Alex Baltimore in that film. I just didn’t know his real name.”

“Correct, and then there’s. Gabriel Prince. He’s a front man of the rock band Crusaders. Greyson Prince is an athlete, a swimmer, actually. And the last but not the least, there's Weston. Actually, I don't know much about Weston other than he's some IT genius. I heard he's even younger than us!”

I swallowed. “Wow, they are really something…” I didn’t know what happened, but my heart just pounding abnormally. Weird.

“Marry one of them and all your problems will be solved!” she exaggeratedly said. “How, I wish!”

I smirked. “Come on. Guys like them are destined to be with an actress or a supermodel, and that’s not us.”

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