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    Before there was even the idea of the Bridge, the elves lived all together in a big cluster in their Plane. Some would stray a bit away from the capital city of Medan, but most would just stick around it. They would live normally; build their little houses, farms, each have a life of their own as if the world was simple, until the blood moon came. The blood moon is, to this day, a mark of death that appears in the sky after what they call “The Great Fog” appears and swallows the forest with grey. Only, back then, it wasn’t anywhere near as common as it is today. It would only appear every five or six months or so. Today they even began calling it “The Sunday fog”. But back then they didn’t have as much magicka as today, and nearly as many protectors to fight against the shadow creatures.

    Such creatures would only appear once the blood moon appeared in the sky. These creatures are born from darkness and for whatever reason will seek elves and kill them, then simply move on to a next target. Some would even sprout out of the shadows of a poorly lit house, but would never appear where no shadows are being cast. The darker the shadow, the more powerful the creature would be. Then, once the sun lit up the sky, the shadows would fade without a trace, leaving only memories and death. The protectors were specialized warriors, trained for the sole purpose of fighting the shadow creatures, wielding light as weapon in many different ways. Such weapons were developed through the study of Magicka, practice that supposedly began there.

    Magicka is an extremely versatile energy that permeates everything throughout Mundus, and the elves have an innate ability to control it through sheer will power more than any other race in Mundus. It can be used for a great variety of things, from very simple, like creating fire, to very complicated, like enchanting a weapon with it. The ones that can actually do it are called “mages”, and their power over reality is mostly based on their knowledge of it. There were always places of study scattered throughout the plane, but it was Adolph who founded the Great College of Magicka Studies, that later was renamed to the Elven College of Magicka after the introduction of humans, then it was known simply as the College, as it is called even today. But before Adolph founded the College he split the elven plane in two.

    Mages are dangerous, there’s no doubt in that. But before they learn how to control their powers they are volatile at best, some even creating fire out of anger. Back then there was nowhere an aspiring mage could go to learn how to control themselves. Some would simply be left for dead somewhere far from Medan. Spirits crowd around such mages to try and possess them, take advantage of their powers. Some become so powerful they need to be hunted down before they grow out of proportions. Therefore, being a mage then was way more dangerous than nowadays, and being around then was just as dangerous. Some people would flinch around mages in fear that they might do something harmful due to their unpredictable nature, even around those who were skilled, in fear that they might snap somehow. This tension was handled for a while. Some military would hunt down those who got possessed, would oversee aspiring mages and put them down should things get out of hand. But the tension increased slowly as time went on, to a point where mages would be captured and jailed until they were able to control themselves. Then Adolph led what was called the Mage Rebellion. They all escaped and got out of Medan. The military allowed, as they didn’t harm anyone, and throwing them out was an idea for centuries, but no one wanted to be the one to do it. So, when they decided to leave by themselves it was a relief.

    They wandered straight, further than anyone has ever been from Medan. Walking for a total of four days and nights, without a single stop and using magicka to speed up their movement and carry those who were resting, they arrived at a very big lake, so big one couldn’t see one end from the other. They decided to make their stay there when halfway through, as the water would be great to fend off the shadow creatures. So they raised the land from beneath the water and began building from clay. Not many days later the Great Fog announced a blood moon. The Great Fog was even more terrifying when over the water, as it reflects the grey in such a way that it seems to simply not be there, as if the whole world was fog then. The mages put up wards and traps and readied themselves for the dark night to come. The military in Medan already had everything set up. Their enchanted weapons would last for a long time before needing a repair. They were nervous for not having any mages to support from afar, but confident in their strength nonetheless. So they waited for the blood moon to rise and with it, the shadow creatures. And they waited. And waited. But the creatures never came. Never came to Medan, that is. The mages were being attacked like never before. The water held the creatures back nicely, but it wasn’t enough. They didn’t have any structural support, relying only on their wards and on the few mages who actually learned how to fight with their powers. There were many casualties among the mages, but the military in Medan didn’t even get attacked. It was then that they learned that the shadow creatures only went after mages, not all Elves.

    A few weeks after the blood moon a caravan finally arrived at the lake bringing supplies. Adolph survived the attack and was nominated the new city’s leader, for there was no doubt he was the most skilled mage, and that new city, later named Sonem, would become a beacon for mages, where they could safely learn how to control their powers, and they would be taught how to do so. Mages would be born in Medan and take the pilgrimage to Sonem, and those born in Sonem who wanted to become part of the military would make the trip to Medan. For years that was the new status quo. Adolph founded the College, and led the researches that took the elven world to a new level. Before him, people were more afraid of magicka than anything else, but since his teachings got the mages under control, magicka was used everywhere in everything. But that wasn’t enough for him.

Abyssal Dreamer

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