That is Stolen



It is the modern day era. Most of the people buy various technologies for conveniency purposes. And in this pace of human life, gadgets became the top essentials for the folks' needs.

Due to this, the different company technologies arose drastically and evolved their product to satisfy their clients demands.

On the highest peak of all of those companies is the "Einstein" Corporation with over 45.80 million dollars sales for every passed year.

"Dad, why am I reading this?" asked by the 10 year old Louie as he narrowed his brows towards his father.

"Just read it--" the father did not finish his speech as his son talked again.

"We didn't even afford this" the child said sarcastically as he looked around to their own house.

They live in the cheapest apartment in the US. They don't have much appliances nor rooms. The only thing you will notice is the double deck which is the affordable one, two cabinets, a table stove, small television, and nothing more.

The father did a deep breath preparing for words. 

"That company is stolen" you can see in his eyes how regretful he is with all his heart. But instead the boy made a shocked expression, he only made a disgusted one.

"What are you saying? Don't spread any bad rumor to them dad, I don't want you to be in jail! Don't accuse them! It is a big company, you know?" he slammed his hands on the table as he was a bit afraid for his father. 

The only thing his dad did is to smile and look intently to his eyes. "I think you are too young for this, let us stop it" he said as he pat his son's head. 

The only thing this elder thinks is revenge. Avenge his deceased wife and their pitiful life. He turned back to his son and wiped all those tears to unintentionally fall. 

"Get up to bed you silly, it's getting dark we should sleep" full of sorrow, he headed up to bed and covered himself with the blanket.

'He is totally weird for today, I guess' Louie's face made up of queries of why his dad even mentioned it. He knows nothing except the fact that his mother died from a sickness. He wasn't able to comfort and ask his father because he is always at work and always tired from it so he never bothers to ask anything.

"Anyway, how's school?" his father asked beneath his blanket. 

Louie smiled and felt that his father is back to his own self. "It is great, I am still on the top of our class" he mentions as he climbed up to his bed.

"That's nice" and the surroundings is enveloped with silence.

After a few minutes, the child asked one question to his father.

"Why you don't want me to take any scholarships?" He waited for minutes and thought to himself to sleep because his dad might me

be asleep too.

On the bottom of the bed his dad whispers "Helps are all scams, after they benefit from you they will eventually turn you down and get what you build up"

He thinks of a certain person in his mind, mentally cursing, giving death threads, and killing him on his own head.

Before he falls asleep he again whispers in the air "That is stolen, Einstein is mine"

Trixie Lu Raz

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Story about: the billionaire girl, poor boy, payback

Edited: 24.11.2020

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