The Boy of Dane

The Battle of Grief


It is not an amazing day, nor an outstanding day; it is just a normal day in the lands of Tirran. The sun shines upon the corn fields, the reflection of sun rays twinkle on the sea watersand a series of cliffs decorated by the most beautiful white shores - Oh just how I remember them and weren’t they breath-taking! 

Every type- and every colour of sea shell lies perfectly in a curved line on the beach, where the salt-waters have placedthem.

And the immense rocks on the shore, full of clams and oysters they were, broke the waves that came storming in from the ocean side. In this world a day like this could only be described best, as a normal day.

​There was not a single cloud in the sky. The red, white and purple flowers beautified the forests grounds and the homes of animals by the many. This was no place for foul and cruel creatures or people. The lives of the people who lived here were in perfect harmony.

Upon these beautiful cliffs at shore, stood a piece of our God’s finest work, it was a Castle of pure magnificence, one that has stood the test of time. A figure of strength and endurance. The Keep of the Castle, towering tall and mighty, watching ever so proud over the sea of Atlas and the Forest of Dane.

All of its rich history and tradition from the great days of oldare well protected behind the two rings of solid, 10 feet thick stone walls.

The inner wall, also known as “keep’s wall”, holds the main defensive artillery for the castle, four long range trebuchets (an abnormally large artillery, that slings huge rocks and boulders for quite a long distance) to wreck theopposing lines from afar. Keep’s wall gives the king a second defensive barrier against his enemy if they breached the outer wall. The beautiful architectural stonework provides housing within the inside of the keep walls for civilians.

On the outer walls (the main defence of the castle and some 50 feet away from the Keep) are six watchtowers,inspecting the Forest from high up to ensure a warning if an attack should take place on the castle.

In the courtyard you would find merchants from across the land of Tirran, wearing all types of fine silk and expensive jewellery to seek and impress their new potential buyers.

Local Merchant shops have been set up within the courtyard around the praised statues of kings who have fallen in previous battles.

​Red, White and Gold flags and banners are dancing in the wind above each of the watchtowers, on either side of the outer gate, symbolising the true proudness within the castle. 

The outer gate’s stone work is well known by all whom have ventured here, the fine detail of two swords crossing over each another appeals to the eye of any passing wonderer.

From time to time, a fair amount of ships would enter the castle docks by the hour, bringing the arrival of new tourists who eagerly want to breathe the air of those living in the fairy tale castle. The castle is indescribable, yet, impenetrable.


   One-day, little Bella and her father, Hans, were roaming around the walkways of mighty Alder.

“Why are the horsees stuck in there?” the young distraught girl asked her dad when they past the stables on the backside of the castle. “They are not stuck sweetheart, they are kept there for the king. The king of this wonderful palace would sometimes need a horse to travel on if he finds troublemakers inside of his borders.” Her dad explained to her. “He does have a lot of horses, can I ride one?” she then asked again and walked closer to the stables.

  “I don’t think so dear, if you ride one of the horses now, they are going to be tired when the king needs them.” The dad answered disappointed.

“Do you see that one?” He asked.

“The white one? Is it the one next to the golden horse head? Do they really put those masks on the horses’ heads daddy?” The girl’s voice was as high as a whistle. “Yes the white one;that is the king’s favourite horse. That horse is close to a child to him and he wants to protect the horse with the mask when he chases away the nasty people. King Edward would be sad if we troubled his horse. I would also be sad if somebody wants to trouble you.”


The king was a very loving and caring person, but also the biggest fear for some. For no enemy of King Edward hasever breached the outer walls of his castle. He is certainly the most powerful man in all of Tirran.

With his sword in his right hand and his shield in the left,

he can cut through any enemy formation on his noble steed.

Then of course the Royal Guards, Oh they are a brave bunch of knights and will follow Edward into any battle, even if it means certain death for them. These Guards were picked out by hand to ensure the kings safety at any cost and did not think twice to take revenge on those who oppose their beloved leader. I remember my meeting with one of these Knights, dressed in his silver and black armour - He truly was a strapping old fellow. But never mind that; let’s get back to the story.

All was well on this cold afternoon and there was no sign of any disturbance, until a little boy asked the Castle’s Gatekeeper a question out of his most purist innocence,

“Sir, do you hear that? Do you hear the drums too?”

“Bugger off now boy, go and bother someone else.” Theignorant man has always been like this, never really caring for the people, just his monthly wage. He might as well be the only problem Alder has.

So, after sending the boy away, he stood up from his chair in the gatehouse and patrolled his day in and day out routine to the top of the tower.

As he reached the top, his eyes were struck with disbelief when he saw the many legions marching towards the castle. It was not a normal day anymore. The peace has been spoiled by the stupidity of mankind and its lust for power and wealth.

Just as the keeper of the gate looked back to warn the citizens off and plead them to retreat to the keep, an arrow struck the man in his backside.

Corné Craig

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