The Moon We Both Share

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Chapter 1 (Edited)

The warm stream of her blood coursing through her veins. Her body trembled for but a moment, not from fear. The grueling temptation to sink his teeth into her delicate skin drove him mad. He might have, if not for the full moon.

            Before that moon’s fateful rising, the morning was met with a blazing sun and no cloud in sight. Too early for any form of confrontation. A boy with blinding blonde hair stormed to the academy’s auditorium. Rushing past the stage and the students on it, he ignored the curious glances. He traveled behind the stage, down the stairs to the greenroom, and toward the director’s office.

            He shoved the door open where the boy found his sister, a stagehand, the lead actor, and the soundboard operator. Respectively, a human with bright brown eyes filled with concern. Two vampires with similar features, but body languages far different from one another. And a fairy with wings of ebony. In the center sat their winged director with sketches in front of him. An important meeting interrupted.

            “I quit,” the boy shouted.

            The director, an elderly human gentleman, stood and gasped, “What do you mean, Felix?”

            “Exactly as I say, I quit. I can’t do this anymore.”

            “Wait, wait,” his sister stuttered. “What happened?”

            “This happened.” Felix pulled down his collar and revealed two puncture wounds on his neck. Fresh holes, no older than a night. “After rehearsal yesterday. I went out and I was attacked on campus.”

            “You went out? Felix, you know it’s dangerous for us to be out late like that.”

            “Are you saying I asked for it?”

            “No, no. That’s not what I meant. Why didn’t you call me or something?”

            “And put you in danger. Brilliant plan. I’m leaving. I’ve already told my parents and I’m moving out by the end of the week. See ya.”

            “Felix, wait,” the director shouted.

            Felix rushed out and slammed the door. The director, Micah, sat down and rubbed the sides of his head.

            “Another vampire attack. How is that now?”

            “Five in the last month,” the fairy answered.

            “Seriously? This is getting out of control.”

            Izzy heard the movement of someone shifting beside her. From the corner of her eye, she spotted one of the vampires take his leave. No one else noticed him as they continued speaking. That boy walked through the doors and disappeared without a trace. Izzy’s gaze shot to him. The space beside her was now vacant and she knew all too well who to go after.

            She didn’t want to believe it. There was no way it was him. But why else would he excuse himself like that? A guilty conscious? Discomfort while being in the presence of the victim’s sister? He wouldn’t leave unless he had something to hide. Right?

            When the meeting came to an end, Izzy shot from the room and rushed out of the auditorium. Thanks to it being the weekend, no classes, she had all the time in the world to confront the monster, the assailant.

            He was close, she knew he was. Outside, before anyone had the chance to join her, Izzy scanned the area and found one other sole presence. Tall, lengthy, raven hair hiding his blank expression. Walking away with his hands in his pockets, Izzy shot daggers into his back with her flaring eyes.

            No further thought, Izzy broke into a sprint toward the boy. One goal, one objective. Confront the beast while no one was looking. Take whatever temporary bravery she had and avenge her brother.

            And as she approached him, planting her firm feet behind him, Izzy screamed, “It was you wasn’t it? Wasn’t it? You’re a monster.”

            The boy stopped, but he didn’t turn. His horrid posture remained the same as he listened to Izzy’s growing voice.

            “How could you? How could you do something like that to him? Wasn’t he your friend?” Her voice, while loud and convicted in whatever words came out, her fear was prevalent. “I thought you cared about him. About humans. You weren’t supposed to be like that. Not you. You’re not like that. So why? Why?”

            Angered tears drenched her face. Her hands went to her chest as she tried to calm her pounding heart. Her head throbbed. So many words to be said, so many thoughts to get out with no time.

            “How could you do something like that to him? My brother? Are you so desperate for blood that you would attack anyone?”

            Her knees gave out. Izzy collapsed to the ground in uncontrollable screams. Izzy heard nothing as the boy turned and stepped toward her. Against her blurry vision, she couldn’t see him kneel beside her and reach into his pocket.

            After a second, Izzy felt something press against her arm. A soft sensation that tickled her. When she cleared away the tears, outstretched to her was a thin cloth with the boy’s name embroidered into it. Alec.

            “Here. If you need it,” he mumbled.

            Izzy glanced up at him. He wouldn’t look at her. Those eyes of black with pools of sapphire for irises locked on the sidewalk. Izzy stared at him. He didn’t move, leaving the cloth hanging in the air until something happened. She took it and wiped her face. Alec waited until she finished before taking the cloth back. It was smudged with light makeup, but nothing that could be washed out.

            “Thank you,” Izzy muttered.

            “Don’t mention it. Are you okay?”

            “…yea. I’m…I’m okay.”

            “I’m glad. Was there anything else you wanted to get off your chest?”

            The way he said that. There was no venom or animosity. A genuine desire to let her say whatever she had left on her heart.


Edited: 02.06.2020

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