The unexpected eigth member


It was Kim's last concert with the girls. The group of dancers had no official name as they weren't kpop artists. They were just a simple group of 4 girls who had as main goal to have fun by posting kpop dance covers on social media. They even posted the dances at 2× the speed. The leader of the group, Kim Hitsugaya was doing it to have a better chance of acceptance in university. Thus she often uploaded videos of herself choreographing new dance steps for already existing songs. She still had 2 years to attend highschool/college (she was 16). Unfortunately her parents never allowed her to take physical education as subject in grade 10 and 11,which was why she uploaded dance covers. 

           The group had been noticed by the Ceo of a company who decided to help them. He offered them an unused underground parking lot to film and practice. He helped them to turn the underground into a studio. They became very popular with his help and were noticed by the very famous kpop groups. Their fans were keen on the idea of seeing the girls become kpop stars. However, the girls replied saying it would be impossible as they were not of Asian nationality. They added that they were deeply touched by those comments as they put much effort in the covers. 

            On a normal day, Kim received an invitation to perform in an award show and she gladly accepted. They would be performing on the winners' songs. She knew it was gonna be hard as solos were not accepted. Moreover they would not be allowed to post any practice or cover videos before the show. They spent days and nights practicing. They knew who were the winners but as promised, they revealed nothing. A few days before the event, they moved to Seoul to prepare themselves. They had to ready their clothes and also had to correct some little mistakes in practice. They all became stressed but kept it in. Kim became more strict on herself during practice because of her stage fright problem. For the last 2 days, they kept rehearsing and resting to keep them fit. They also examined the stage various times to check for special traps made for idols' appearance on stage during concerts. Fortunately there were none.

               In her reply letter to the host, Kim had requested to cover only boy group dances as she was uncomfortable with the girl groups dances. Fortunately the answer came back positive. On the day of the show, she spent most of her time in a gym as she and the girls had a whole bunch of 45 dances to perform to. When the ceremony started, they were backstage and Kim did a briefing to calm everyone down. She peeped at the seats and they were all packed. All the big groups were present though she knew not all of them. In the very front were seated BTS, BLACKPINK and IKON, soon followed by TXT, MAMAMOO, GOT07, BIG BANG, SEVENTEEN, PENTAGON, IU, G-IDLE, EED Velvet amongst others. The Ceos of all the companies were present too though she recognized only Bang-pd. 

                She retreated back to the others and a few minutes later, the host called them through the mic for introduction. Knowing that the first impression counted, Kim calmed down nad walked confidently on stage followed by her group. On stage stood another group of 7 girls who would be performing on girl groups' songs. Their leader smiled and waved at her but Kim only nodded her greetings before turning back to the audience. They were asked to introduce themselves before going backstage. 

                 Most of the awards were won by the group Bts. Their chores were known to be the hardest. The heat soon became unbearable but as an army herself, Kim did not complain like the others even though she was drained rapidly. The girls soon started losing power in their steps but as their lone pillar, Kim had remain strong and powerful. Various times, she noticed Bang-pd smiling widely when they were performing and he also nodded at the boys. Kim thought they were talking about the performance and kept going. She also noticed how Lisa, J-HOPE, RM, JIMIN, TAEHYUNG AND JUNGKOOK focused on her. Lisa was definitely agaped like J-HOPE.

                   In the middle of the performance of idol, one of her members collapsed. She swiftly lifted her bridal style, ignoring the gasps from the audience and ran backstage  before returning to perform, as if nothing had happened. She even danced her friend's parts, while making sure nothing disrupted the choreo so as not to confuse the others. Idol was their 15th performance. They still had 30 to go. The girls were slowly losing strength and on their 20th cover, another member collapsed, leaving only 2 of them. On their 22nd one, Kim carried her last companion backstage and came back. She was alone and had a whole of 23 hard covers to perform to. 

                    The idols all agreed that it was already too much but it was already too late to bring in another group of dancers. The ceremony was brought to a break as per the usual. Kim's friends were apologizing profusely but she had to agree with them that it was unbearable to dnace in such conditions. She asked them to rest before she was called for another cover. 

                   Those covering songs from the girl groups were also decreased by a few. They had 8 dances to complete before they could rest but Kim was alone and had on her back more than 20 of the very hard covers to do. To keep herself from retreat, she repeated to herself that it would help her for university. Of all the dances she remained, figured DNA, FAKE LOVE, MIC DROP, BOY WITH LUV, ON, FIRE, BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS, BLACK SWAN, BOY IN LUV, ANPANMAN, DIONYSUS, BLUE HOUR, HMMHMM, KILLING ME, LOVE SCENARIO and others. 

                    Changing clothes soon became a burden as her muscles started to warn her of the coming days' pain. She held on thinking that it was soon going to be over. It was becoming more and more difficult to dance powerfully but she held on. The stage became slippery and she fell during her last performance but the audience roared when she included in the choreography like  a pro. The lights went off after her last performance and Kim shakily ran backstage. The host thanked everyone for their presence and called all the dancers one last time for a Q&A session. Chairs were set for those who had fainted. From the other group, only the leader remained standing like Kim. 

Kim Hitsugaya

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