Watch Out!

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She woke up from deep slumber and tried to open her eyes. The wall clock struck 2 o’ clock  and  it was pitch dark outside! But it was something!  Something that woke her up. She would have continued contemplating what it was if it was not for that sharp sound again. She held her breath, with a petrified look in her eyes. Now , she could hear footsteps clearly. Whoever it was, did not seem to be in any hurry. Steps drew closer and closer and stopped probably in the sitting room.

Within a flash of a second her brain decided what to do. She jumped out of the bed and rushed to bolt the door. The other person also moved swiftly toward her door but she won this speed battle. Now she could feel the presence outside the door. A gruff sound followed by heavy breathing! Both stared at the door knob, and finally the outsider retreated, and she heard footsteps on the stairs. She kept her ground for a few moments and then approached her bed. Such visits were sort of becoming routine now. A very abnormal routine! Wrapping blanket around her shivering body , she stared at the wall clock. All of a sudden, the calm of the room was shattered by the ringing phone. She almost jumped out of the bed. Then picked her phone from the side table. Unknown number,again! She picked it up,she had to.

‘’……(breathing heavily)….you there?’’ A soft voice asked.

‘’why don’t you die, all of you?’’ She yelled at the top of her lungs.

‘’ Cannot speak for others, but I am dying, for you darling!’’ She felt as he smiled while saying this.

‘’ What do you want?’’ As if she sobbed while asking this.

‘’ You! Told you,Honey!..It is you that I want. And don’t worry I will get you, but for the moment get away from the window. That witch is in no good mode today!’’.

‘Window? Why? Where are you?...hunh? where are you?’. She swiftly moved to the window and got behind the curtain. There was nothing down there, except empty road. Not even a car !

‘  Where arr….. ahhh!’. The window glass broke and in an attempt to get away from it she bumped her head against the wall. It was a paper wrapped around something heavy and sharp, which pierced through the glass. She hesitantly picked it up, unwrapped it , two digits were written on it!

‘73 DAYS’!

” Told you! Watch out !’’  He sounded as if he grinned.



Edited: 19.09.2020

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