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Across the Portal

Jessica Wright

William, Meredith, Jake, Henry and Josie are runaway foster kids who live in an abandoned apartment in Asheville. They steal what they need to survive, but, one night, they get into trouble and a strange girl named Katherine rescues them. She convinces the children to let her stay the night with the... more info

Story about: adventure, romance, magic

Complete 187 pages
10428 137 18

Rating: 29

#678 in Young adult
#1283 in Fantasy


The Winter's Tale


The Winter's Tale. This story about good witch Baba Yaga and a girl from our world, and about some magic. Book cover of Lana Lazogreeva... more info

Story about: magic, fairytale, humor

Complete 7 pages
1466 12 3

Rating: 6

#995 in Fantasy
#369 in Short stories

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