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Before his finger could move further, she whimpered, "Don't," that halted him. He stopped and raised his eyes to glance at her, hearing, "Please, don't," from her once again. She was shivering badly. Her eyes were still squeezed and tears were leisurely rolling down to her cheek. He made her cry... more info

Story about: abduction, possesiveness, obsession or love

Ongoing: 05 Aug 17 pages
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Rating: 39

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Captured - The Royal Obsession

Shruti Omar

An unfortunate accident in the family makes Matsyaa Rathore step into her native soil, India. Aggrieved soul is trying to fit the mysterious pieces of information into the jigsaw puzzle of her uncle's demise. She anticipates everything except being an undeniable, untamed fantasy of a powerful prince... more info

Story about: abduction, loveatfirstsight, domineering man

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Rating: 721

#473 in Romance
#84 in Romantic suspense
#33 in Contemporary fiction


You Need Me, Too

N. Watkins

None... more info

Story about: betrayal, suspense, abduction

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Rating: 9

#586 in Short stories
#2173 in Fantasy
#90 in Urban fantasy


Secrets Kill

Dariel Claire

One Throne, Two Kings. If there's something everyone knows What Massimo wants, he gets and what Leonardo loves, he owns. But what would happen when the love of Leonard becomes Massimo's passion ? As love blooms, secrets unveil and betrayal burns all in the midst of a Mafia war for power,... more info

Story about: romance, abduction, mafia

Complete 63 pages
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Rating: 108

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