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Avoiding The Bad Boy

Kimi Davis

Brielle Goldman wanted nothing more than to have a peaceful year at Burswick Academy, a prestigious school which provided the best education to its students. However, her carefully made plans are thwarted when the bad boy enters her life, and ruins whatever plans she had made for the following year.... more info

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Complete 260 pages
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Rating: 253

#307 in Romance
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The Good Girl And The Play Boy

Eggovin star

Meet valerie craig a beautiful sixteen years old girl who finally gets the chance to talk to her crush ryan mccalister,will they come close?find out what will happen between the girl who is scared to love and the guy who doesn't believe in love... more info

Story about: academy, good girl, playboy

Ongoing: 24 Jul 2 pages
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#973 in Romance
#78 in New Adult & College

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