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Booknet Stories: action adventure. Best in genre

Stories: action adventure. Best in genre

2 books
Book cover "My Wife, My Mafia Queen."
Threats are always be part of day and night foods of Luxury Erisha Monteza, because she's the Queen. The Queen of Mafia's or the underworld. Her loyal dogs also known as Hell Seasons, protecting her from harm and securing their Queen's thrown. But there's a threat that even season can't help Queen. ...
24 031
159 pp.
Book cover "The Ziblings"
The Lightning City is in danger of the Snake Lord who has escaped prison's clutches and wants revenge. Bolt and his siblings will have to stop him. But Bolt isn't ready yet; his powers aren't yet complete. Will he be able to control them or will it be too late for him and his City....
12 pp.
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