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"Are you afraid of me, Ms. Parekh?" "No" "So do you have a crush on me?" "What?" "Because a girl can be uncomfortable with the proximity of a man only if she is afraid of him or has a crush on him. If the second part is true, then Ms. Parekh, I want to tell you that I am off the market ... more info

Story about: age gap romance, stubborn girl, run away bride

Ongoing: 06 Jul 74 pages
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Rating: 61

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Failia Baighaan

“Call my name, if you want me to stop, Cinzel.” With a seductive hiss, His grip over me tightened, shuddering violently by the proximity and his possessive grip, a tear pricked in the corner of my eye but he didn’t spare mercy. Defeated against his allure and dominance, I whimpered his n... more info

Story about: mafia, age gap romance, secrets dark

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Rating: 228

#259 in Romance
#64 in Contemporary Romance

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His Little Angel

Payal Mandal

There were many things forbidden for an eighteen-year-old Diya just because of two reasons, first, she belonged to a poor family. Poor enough to manage a morsel of food and secondly she was on the chubbier side which led her to be bullied by her friends and classmates. But there is a saying that... more info

Story about: forbidden love, age gap romance, poor and rich

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Rating: 425

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Beautifully Repaired (damaged Beyond Repair #2)

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash)

Alana Hayes has learned her lesson; the first rule of falling in love with Rowan Masters is to never let him go, because when Alana leaves, Rowan dives head first into self-destruction. Falling in love with someone with a past of alcohol and drug abuse was one thing, but marrying him was another. ... more info

Story about: possessive, studentteacher, age gap romance

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Rating: 372

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Her Amorous Entanglement

Chibi Cazielle

My name is Sapphire Lewis and there are three things I treasure the most in my life. My Aunt Cecil who took care of me after my parents died, Dustin’s parents who treated me like their own child, and my friendship with him that started ever since we were in high school. I thought working in ... more info

Story about: forbidden love, friendship betrayal trust and love, age gap romance

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Rating: 96

#909 in Romance
#227 in Contemporary Romance
#51 in Young adult

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Ignited Passions

O.J Ebubeoha

Michael Kane is making plans to commit to his pregnant fiancee out of honor when he finally lands his dream job after two years of being laid off, only to find himself deeply attracted to his new boss in ways that would be termed sinful. Katrina MacDaniels is a forty five year old married woman w... more info

Story about: age gap romance, boss and subordinate, forbiddenlove

Complete 173 pages
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Rating: 43

#260 in Contemporary fiction
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#685 in Contemporary Romance

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