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Booknet Stories: agegap. Best in genre

Stories: agegap. Best in genre

3 books
Book cover "Her Second Groom"
Azalea, a woman in her forties, has spent two decades of her life taking care of her stepdaughter, Sinclair, as it was part of her contract with her late husband. Now that Sinclair has grown into an adult, Azalea wants to marry her off to Orion, a man chosen by Sinclair's late father, so she can f...
3 628
In progress: 23 May
98 pp.
Book cover "An Impossible Attraction "
Should age be a barrier when it comes to love? For as long as Nathan could remember, Tracy has always been by his side, protecting him, caring for him and loving him. She was there when he opened his eyes as a baby and she had remained by his side since then and everything has been perfect, sweet...
Story about: romance, agegap, fobiddenlove
102 398
254 pp.
Book cover "Beautiful Mistake"
We didnt need eachother on the way but why did we end up hurting in the end? It was forbidden. Everything about him was. He was my stepbrother. Older than me. Most famous guy in the neighborhood. And the most important he was the son of the women i hated the most. How could ? ever fall in lov...
Story about: forbidden, agegap, stepbrother
In progress: 17 Apr
11 pp.
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