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Obsessed with an Agent

Agony Riah

The man sitting in the Black SUV watching the people standing afar away from his car, a man wearing a black suit came towards his car, he stops near him then handed him a package, the man took his glasses from his eyes, staring towards the other man. Sir, it's all we got. He nodded his head then mot... more info

Story about: suspense mystery, agent, romance thriller

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Rating: 48

#520 in Romance
#272 in Billionaires
#41 in Mystery
#12 in Romantic mystery


Heated Desire

Jane Guo

I can play any role needed of me without any hesitation, the saying 'Don't judge a book by its cover' fits me to a T. I am intelligent, cunning, manipulative and confident. I make the impossible possible and no situation or a case has ever fazed me...that is until I met him. Draven Stryker is a b... more info

Story about: love, pain, agent

Complete 169 pages
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Rating: 291

#1384 in Romance
#101 in New Adult & College
#207 in Romantic suspense


Unprecedented 2


*SEQUEL UNPRECEDENTED!!* Freddie Matthews is finishing off her school year and is going to college soon. But before she leaves she uncovers the mystery of her father's death 14 years ago... While also living a normal teenage high school life of course.. Copyright © 2019-2021 Ambi... more info

Story about: secret, agent, collage

Complete 42 pages
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Rating: 2

#702 in Young adult
#733 in Mystery

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