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Colourland Series 4: Easeion and Melissa


The Bear have sent in the two of their elite warriors to fight Crayon and his friends.... more info

Story about: fiction, alternate world, fight

Complete 36 pages
226 1

Rating: 0

#2388 in Fantasy
#137 in Action & Adventures


Colourland Series 3: The Colourlandish Leaders


Colour King has demanded the shunning of Challenger by Crayon and his friends.... more info

Story about: writer, characters, alternate world

Complete 34 pages
189 0

Rating: 0

#145 in Action & Adventures
#2420 in Fantasy


The Curse of the Multiverse: Gone in the G-World

Tanya Koles

A fatal car crash sends Katherine and Michael, two high school sweethearts, into an alternate dimension of the multiverse. The world that looks and feels so familiar is governed by a different set of rules. Men and women are two different races that are not supposed to mix, and procreation is possib... more info

Story about: alternate world, action scifi, gay marriage

Ongoing: 30 Sep 69 pages
610 20

Rating: 3

#26 in Science fiction
#1943 in Romance
#89 in LGBT