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The Infinite


Far away from the world where humans live, there's another world. In the world of Angels and demons. Angels are not as good as you think and demons are not as bad as you thought. The reality is always different from what we were taught in schools. A story of a angel who was carving for chaos and a d... more info

Story about: lgbt love, angels and demons, fictionality of reality

Ongoing: 07 Mar 58 pages
2494 99 109

Rating: 9

#11 in Mystery
#4 in Supernaturals
#319 in Romance
#4 in LGBT


Loving Death

Gacrux Lume (itsocks)

He, a bad-tempered angel. She, a girl excluded by others. He has black wings. She possesses the ability to see the dead. Is there something strange about the two of them? Nothing turns out to be strange and bad enough until the moment they stumble.... more info

Story about: angels and demons, fallen angel, posessive

Ongoing: 06 Feb 27 pages
1389 180 6

Rating: 25

#610 in Romance
#39 in Paranormal Romance
#99 in Fantasy
#59 in Romantic fantasy



Olivia Gordon Reid

My name is Ava Carter. That's all I know. Because when I wake up in an alley, scarred, naked, and alone, that's the only thing I remember. All of my memories are foggy and jumbled, coming to me in fragments. The only thing I'm able to see is a memory of a man. Something tells me he’s important, th... more info

Story about: angels and demons, lies and secrets, good versus evil

Ongoing: 18 Feb 108 pages
407 30 6

Rating: 10

#55 in Mystery
#166 in Fantasy
#3 in Epic fantasy


Under the Shadow of Night

David Rauenzahn

Eron's home, Ma'ro, has been destroyed by demons that he unknowingly summoned into the Material World; Xanenax, the Left Hand of Lucifer, finds Eron while investigating the aftermath, and takes the boy as an apprentice. They will need one another to survive the days to come, for the Xanenax's author... more info

Story about: angels and demons, bildungsroman, young adult

Complete 355 pages
6884 97 0

Rating: 3

#1533 in Fantasy
#107 in Epic fantasy
#130 in Action fantasy

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