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100 Days to Love


Disappointed by her first mission, Angelique Amor (Little Angel of Love) was sent again to the human world in order to fulfill the promise of a happy ending. Will she be able to tug the heart of Steffany who was utterly crushed by her first experience of love that developed in her some phobias? How ... more info

Story about: angels, faith and trust., love

Ongoing: 22 Jul 61 pages
452 29

Rating: 6

#74 in Fantasy
#587 in Romance
#20 in Inspiration romance


My Angel's sacrifice


Tyler a quiet guy from a small town found a friend in the presence of Harry, Tyler is a reserved, shy, intelligent guy, and scared with a lot of things while Harry is Mr. Popular, the adventurous one. Two different individuals with one common destiny and that is to protect each other. How can they c... more info

Story about: angels, friendship, love and sacrifice

Complete 27 pages
291 6

Rating: 24

#147 in Mystery
#66 in Supernaturals


And Unto Dust Shalt Thou Return

Nicole Armas

The Archangel Michael survives the extermination of his kind and is left to deal with the bloody aftermath of Heaven's destruction.... more info

Story about: angels, demons, angst

Complete 6 pages
963 33

Rating: 4

#537 in Short stories
#2054 in Fantasy
#433 in Dark fantasy


Angel's Advice

Vijay Kerji

Parvathi and Manohar, a married couple having a son Krishna, finds it difficult to meet both the ends. But everything changes in their lives when they find a treasure in their backyard. But Parvathi dreams of an angel who advises her what to do with the gold. Parvathi shares the news with her husban... more info

Story about: fairy tale, angels, once upon a time contest

Complete 22 pages
3583 39

Rating: 10

#438 in Short stories
#1836 in Fantasy
#73 in Urban fantasy


The first princess of Hell

Mahnoor Khan

One Angel, One Devil, One Human. Three Individuals,One Heart. Who'd She End Up With? ... more info

Story about: fantasy, angels, heaven and earth

Complete 92 pages
18772 352

Rating: 31

#1964 in Fantasy
#820 in Romantic fantasy
#502 in Short stories




Mortha is assistant to the Savior and the light bearer, commander of the Army Angels. He was summoned by God the Father to go down the Earth to seek what's happening, why humans no longer trust or love God and Jesus. He was asked to help people and lead them back to God. But, meeting Belle Sun seems... more info

Story about: angels, god, love between an angel and a human

Complete 67 pages
404 33

Rating: 3

#465 in Mystery
#136 in Romantic mystery
#1335 in Fantasy
#616 in Romantic fantasy

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