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A Reluctant Angel


Progressive Properties is aggressively taking over where small neighborhoods once flourished. Now Angelique's Shelter, St. Gabriel's, is under attack. Who shows up at her door to deliver the news? John McDougal, now a prominent property attorney, and once love of her life, who broke her heart into a... more info

Story about: second chance, angels, love and betrayal

Complete 247 pages
3344 444 24

Rating: 51

#112 in Romance
#7 in Inspiration romance
#2 in Paranormal Romance


Angel's Advice

Vijay Kerji

Parvathi and Manohar, a married couple having a son Krishna, finds it difficult to meet both the ends. But everything changes in their lives when they find a treasure in their backyard. But Parvathi dreams of an angel who advises her what to do with the gold. Parvathi shares the news with her husban... more info

Story about: fairy tale, angels, once upon a time contest

Complete 22 pages
1891 20 12

Rating: 7

#240 in Short stories
#395 in Fantasy
#38 in Urban fantasy


And Unto Dust Shalt Thou Return

Nicole Armas

The Archangel Michael survives the extermination of his kind and is left to deal with the bloody aftermath of Heaven's destruction.... more info

Story about: angels, demons, angst

Complete 6 pages
456 20 4

Rating: 2

#331 in Short stories
#612 in Fantasy
#151 in Dark fantasy


The first princess of Hell

Mahnoor Khan

One Angel, One Devil, One Human. Three Individuals,One Heart. Who'd She End Up With? ... more info

Story about: fantasy, angels, heaven and earth

Ongoing: 05 Jul 84 pages
7752 154 39

Rating: 22

#521 in Fantasy
#145 in Romantic fantasy
#300 in Short stories

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