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Booknet Stories: arrange marriage. Best in genre

Stories: arrange marriage. Best in genre

3 books
Book cover "His Belamour "
"Love " one word which is so difficult to get. Yet so easy to throw. _______________ A beautiful and innocent girl running from her past met a sinfully handsome man whom she thought to be her saviour, but end up being her nightmare. She was running from her past nightmares but wasn't awa...
8 203
228 pp.
Book cover "Love Find It's Way!"
The story revolves around Ruhi Subramanian and Chaitanya Reddy. Both are into the business and are strong headed. Ruhi has no room for Marriage or Relationship whereas Chaitanya is in relationship with his girlfriend Kaylee. Both are bonded in a knot called Marriage. So let's see whether they ...
4 073
In progress: 16 Feb
63 pp.
Book cover "Last Drop Of Love"
Triffany never expected her life will change after an unpleasant encounter with a stranger she never knew, this wasn't the life she dreamt of, force into a marriage she did not sign up for but will things go well for her after getting married to a wealthy man who has no love for her....
27 311
523 pp.
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