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Lost Wife


Anirudha was perplexed what to do from the day his wife left him in an unknown place leaving all her belongings including her passport.... more info

Story about: arranged marrige, betrayal

Ongoing: 22 May 394 pages
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Rating: 122

#77 in Romance
#3 in Inspiration romance
#2 in New Adult & College


Bounded By A Kiss


She hated his strict nature because it always attracted her to be obedient to him. Only Him. He hated her reckless attitude because it always urged him to tame her in his own way. Only Her. Two distinct opposite personalities, thrown together in an arranged marriage led by a kiss. Elijah Castor, ... more info

Story about: arranged marrige, doctors love

Ongoing: 23 May 25 pages
1161 232

Rating: 38

#109 in Romance
#53 in Billionaires


Over the Dotted Line

Jan Garnet

How far can one go for their family? For Coreen, she could do anything, including committing five years of her life to a stranger. Without batting an eyelash, she signed her name over the dotted line, married a man whose shadow she had not seen. Her husband on paper bolted out of the courthouse as ... more info

Story about: arranged marrige, billionaire

Complete 164 pages
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Rating: 179

#265 in Romance
#141 in Billionaires
#64 in Contemporary Romance


What We Could Become


I wish I was a normal girl who could live a normal life, make her own decisions, with parents that will always support her yeah not in a million years rather I got stuck up parents that care about their status and reputation and what the media and people say about them. Being known as the Daught... more info

Story about: romance, family issues, arranged marrige

Ongoing: 03 Apr 59 pages
16389 413

Rating: 59

#1032 in Romance
#469 in Billionaires

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