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Dangerous Love


Rosaline is a teenage girl living in a small town called Gravenville where crime is hidden and lots of mysteries were to be revealed. She is quiet, shy and a genius herself that doesn't consider being a popular girl because she never has the guts of being one. Even though she is too demure, Rosaline... more info

Story about: romance, badboy, suspense

Complete 133 pages
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Rating: 131

#1 in Thrillers & Suspense
#92 in Romance


Under the Dark Clouds


"Zainden......people might see you like this dark person but when I see in your eyes, I can see its a mask and I can see that light in you. No matter how much you deny it, you will always have a white and bright side in you." I say and he looks deeply into my eyes, "That's because you bring it out a... more info

Story about: love, badboy, goodgirl

Complete 176 pages
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Rating: 61

#97 in Romance
#16 in Romantic suspense
#8 in Fantasy
#6 in Romantic fantasy


A really Bad Boy


Hailey is cheerful, kind and a little bit complicated. She has the perfect life, with the perfect boyfriend, the perfect house and a scholarship at the university she dreamed. They love each other and they were sure off that until a petulant obstacle comes into their lives. Jay is annoying, attracti... more info

Story about: love, badboy

Ongoing: 10 Feb 4 pages
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Rating: 8

#377 in Romance
#52 in New Adult & College

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