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Booknet Stories: beliefs. Best in genre

Stories: beliefs. Best in genre

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Book cover "The Righteous Idol Worshipers "
hello everyone. this is not really a story of romantic love, or fiction rather it is a call for the true worshippers of GOD. A call to check our life once again, to know if we are doing the right thing or not. whether we like it or not this world will end one day and where would we be? so I am s...
Story about: christianity, beliefs, true god
2 pp.
Book cover "The cruel reality "
Life is a beautiful deceiving lie and a cruel ugly reality . Srijani bose an young bengali girl of 21 has learned many a things from her small life which even the people of 40 fail to understand. She is a person of strong beliefs and follows a strict path for her life. Her life wasn't abed of roses...
Story about: romance, beliefs, billionare
64 939
131 pp.
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