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Mr Billionaire wants me


she's a fiesty, beautiful 23yr old Nigerian, who has been through a lot but finally wanted peace He's an arrogant, handsome billionaire who has everything he could ever want but no one to share it with. what happens when this two meet in the most unexpected way. will she accept this arrogant man w... more info

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Rating: 56

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NØ Return

MC Prelooker

**DAILY UPDATES** He's a billionaire celebrity. She's a nobody. He only wants to join his friends and get his vacations started. She only wants to go back home, thousands of miles a way. A storm will bring them together, a casual encounter that will change their lives forever. And back to ... more info

Story about: billionaire finding love, rockstar bad boy celebrity, billionare and ordinary girl

Ongoing: 27 Oct 268 pages
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Rating: 43

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My Billionaire Step Brother


Stephan Holmes, 37 years old, is the golden son of one of the richest families in the world. After his father died some years ago, he took over the CEO position at HOLMES CORP, the most successful company in the country. His inheritance is in great danger as his mother decided to remarry a man of n... more info

Story about: billionaire revenge, billionaire finding love, billionaire

Ongoing: 16 Oct 29 pages
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Rating: 82

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Kindred Souls

Afreen Sheriff

“You’re also kind of hot” he said with a sly grin , causing her to grind her teeth. “Believe me , I don't have the patience to take your crap “ she said in the calmest way possible , annoyed at herself for letting him get under her skin. “ I have all the patience in the world to take y... more info

Story about: mafia romance, billionaire finding love

Ongoing: 20 Oct 29 pages
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Rating: 4

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I Didn't Know He was a Billionaire


A young billionaire that hid his identity to live a simple life while on his vacation. He met someone who he fell in love with but will she accept him if she finds out who he really is?... more info

Story about: billionare, billionaire finding love, billionaireromance

Ongoing: 15 Sep 3 pages
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